12 Ways to Trick Your Body Into Making You Incredibly Productive

A universal concern that the millennial generation can identify with is lack of time. There's just too much to do and too little time!

Yet, It is quite possible to turn up the quality of our lives by several notches; if only we optimize what we have today and what can only get better in the future -- access to information, abundant research to inform our decisions, handy tools and apps to track our activities and guide our improvements.

Here are 12 ways to trick our body into helping us do more and be more.

1. Wake up earlier

Waking up early makes you better mentally and physically, and you get an entire hour to plan ahead for your day.

Develop the habit (yes -- even if you are "not" a morning person) by just waking one minute earlier everyday. Here's a cool tool backed by science that will totally help you become a morning person.

2. Make a morning ritual

Experts on willpower believe that we have the most self-control in the wee hours of the morning; well before the madness begins. At this time, your willpower muscle is still fresh. Use this time to face your fears and deal with them; simply because you have an extra dose of willpower in your stock.

Make a ritual, any ritual and stick to it because rituals are associated with feelings of stability and control. Your ritual could range from writing a journal to mantra chanting to watering your garden or clearing your kitchen counter.

3. Befriend your morning mood

How you feel in the first hours of the day determines how you feel and act the rest of the day; which is why experts recommend not using your morning hours reacting to other people. Checking email or rushing straight into the needs of your family can steal the much-needed feeling of control and thus affect how you see the rest of the world for the entire day.

4. Take cold showers

Long practiced by Hindu monks and priests( in the rivers) to train in self-control and self-discipline, the benefits of taking cold showers have recently made a headway into major scientific research. Cold water helps blood rush to the to the mood-regulating areas of your brain sparking it with happy neurotransmitters- increasing mental alertness and decreasing fatigue and stress. With several high-performers swearing by the cold-shower buzz, cold-shower high is a real thing now.

5. Eat breakfast

This might seem like a no-brainer but it's surprising how many people skip this important meal of the day because they are rushing into something more "important." Your body is really looking forward to it; after having fasted for nearly 8-10 hours. It's best not to miss this opportunity to give the right nutrition when it's looking forward to it.

6. Exercise

By now, we don't need any more convincing that exercise is non-negotiable. Doctors, and health experts are screaming hoarse, and anyone who has exercised for a time can vouch for its positive effects.

Experts have varying opinions on the perfect time for a workout, but mornings really work best for people whose day can turn unpredictable.

If you think you do not have time for running, Yoga or the gym, practice this 7-minute workout designed to gear you up for a new day. It really crushes your "no-time" excuse.

7. Manage your energy

Just like everything else, you won't feel springy at all hours of the day. It's important to align your tasks to your energy levels. Schedule your most intense task at the time when you have the most energy. At other times, you have coffee.

Here are a few more tips on managing your energy from Leo Widrich.

8. Take Power Naps

A few minutes of snoozing in the afternoon can super-charge the rest of your day. University of Michigan researchers found that short naps boost productivity and build tolerance to frustration.

See how New York Times best selling author, Michael Hyatt does it.

9. Eat your lunch

Ignore this one thing and you could see yourself snowballing into unhealthy weight, low energy reserves and increased frustration.

10. Get Sleep

Getting enough sleep is often overlooked as something lazy people do. There's always just one more email to respond to, just one more time to check Facebook, just one more message to look up.

Most people require 7-8 hours of sound, undisturbed sleep but too often, we sabotage this by letting our gadgets intrude into our "sleep zone."

Commit to getting enough sleep to help your body help you to be more productive.

Here's a simple guide to sleep like the dead.

11. Meditate

Meditation is no more the new trick on the block. Everybody is raving about it, and there are handy apps to help you ease you into the habit.

12. Start your day with a positive note

Kissing and hugging somebody you love is not just mushy-talk. They have real benefits. A 10-year study showed that men who kissed their wives every day before going to work were perceived to be more positive, earned about 20-30% more than their peers and live 5 years longer on average.

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