12 Ways Your Small Business Might Be Huge

Happy Small Business Week fellow Small Business Owners! I actually find it shocking that I'm a small business owner. I set out to be an artist/entertainer. And I am. But in order to make that work I had to become a Small Business Owner too. So here I am. Along with almost every other creative person I know. Figuring it out as we go along.

It sounds awful. Who wants to be small. (Insert shot of me in my 6 inch platform boots!) But Big Business sounds ominous at this point. I'm wondering if small sounds puny and big sounds crushing maybe it means the size paradigm is over.

But I do still think about size (paradigms generally fade away rather than jump cut out). And when I think of my business as not big or small, but rather both big and small it finally makes sense. And is the best word. Tiny and huge. In fact, sometimes I think of changing my name from Beth Ann Lapides to Beth And Lapides.

My Small Business UnCabaret is small in ways I love actually. It's a boutique, exclusive, adaptable, intimate and conversational. It expands and contracts easily. Its mobile. Femme friendly.

But it's huge too. Not in the normal ways we talk about size. Profits, employees, square footage. But in these other ways, ways that really count to me, ways require big thinking to see, it's a huge company. Maybe they will help you articulate the bigness of your small business.

1. Long running. Big time.
2. Ambitiously missioned. Big goals.
3. Filled with big hearted people of outsized talent.
4. Inclusive of many different and personal points of view.
5. Devoted and ever growing audience. You may call them customers but I never do. Audience means listeners. Listening is a huge activity. Expansive.
6. Rich in spin offs and off-shoot projects.
7. Multi-media. Live show, podcast, TV show, radio show, CD's, tours.
8. The live show, at the center of the business, has the superpower of being able to slow time down.
9. Happiness inducing. A safe haven. Healing.
10. Memorable.
11. Deep.
12. Complicated. The business really is me. But it is also not me.

Every day I live the truth of every Small Business Owner. Many hats one head. Which ultimately is such a useful metaphor for moving forward on earth now. Rather than big and small, many and one. We have to get that we are connected. Every single thing that is a 'problem' on earth right now is an opportunity to get that we are connected. We are all connected. All one. Learn it. Love it. Be it.

How is your Small Business huge? Happy Small Business Week!