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12 Women Open Up About The Aftermath Of A Miscarriage

"Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be happy again."

There is no standard or "right" way to respond in the days, weeks and months after having a miscarriage.

Women are proving this with the help of Whisper, an app that allows users to anonymously share their thoughts. A look at their different experiences shows that miscarriage can affect people in many ways. From feelings of sadness to periods of loneliness, this is what the aftermath of a miscarriage is really like.

I found out I had a miscarriage two days ago.  My boyfriend wants to keep trying but I don't know if I want to.
I haven't thought of my miscarriage in a few days and I feel so guilty about it. What's wrong with me?
I had a miscarriage 2 months ago.  I still add names I like to a list on my phone.  It breaks my heart.
I had a miscarriage about three weeks ago and it's so hard to talk to him because he reminds me of the baby. I feel broken and alone.
I had a miscarriage a month ago. Every time I smile I feel guilty for feeling happy for just a moment.
I've had so many miscarriages I just don't tell people about them anymore. I wish that we could figure out why my body won't hold a baby.
I had a miscarriage last week. It's so painful when people ask how the pregnancy is going.
I don't talk about my miscarriage because I feel like people will tell me it wasn't a real pregnancy
I had a miscarriage 2 years ago. I still haven't been able to conceive with my husband. I'm afraid he loves me less because of it.
I had a miscarriage a few years ago, and some of my family and friends still don't believe I was ever pregnant.
I posted my ultrasound photos to Facebook when I found out I was pregnant and then had a miscarriage 4 days later. I'm really embarrassed.
It'll be a week since I found out about my miscarriage and I still feel nothing. It's like I'm not even here. I want my baby.

For more anonymous submissions, check out Whisper.

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