12-Year-Old Tried To Kill Mom With Bleach For Taking Away Her iPhone: Cops

A 12-year-old Colorado girl is accused of attempting to kill her mother with bleach after the woman took away her phone.

The girl, whose name has not been released, allegedly tried to poison her mother’s drink with the cleaning fluid two different times, ABC News reports. The first time, on March 2, the woman felt ill after drinking a smoothie and smelled some bleach in the glass, but chalked it up to the girl failing to clean the glass correctly.

The second time she smelled bleach in her beverage, on March 6, the mom “confronted her daughter and her daughter told her that she was trying to kill her for taking her iPhone,” Boulder County Commander Heidi Prentup told KDVR.

The sheriff’s office began an investigation after the mother checked into the hospital on March 6, and the daughter was arrested March 20.

The mother’s health is not in danger. The girl was charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder and is in custody at the Boulder County juvenile center.