Steve McQueen, Michael Fassbender, Chiwetel Ejiofor Talk '12 Years A Slave' With Charlie Rose (VIDEO)

Even though it won't open in select theaters until October 18, Steve McQueen’s much-talked-about film “12 Years A Slave” has already garnered a tremendous amount of critical acclaim and Oscar buzz from industry insiders. During a recent interview on the “Charlie Rose” show, the 44-year-old British director appeared alongside two of the film’s stars, Michael Fassbender and Chiwetel Ejiofor, as they discussed preparing for their respective roles, filming on set for 35 days in Louisiana and Brad Pitt's involvement, among other things.

When asked by Rose on Brad Pitt’s role and production influence on having the movie green-lit by Fox Searchlight Pictures McQueen admitted: “The movie wouldn’t have been financed if he wasn’t actually in the movie … But also, the fact that he’s a great actor. So hey, guess what, I get a two-for-one.”

He continued: “I had a conversation with him in London, and we had a long conversation. And I think he sort of asked, ‘Why hasn’t there ever been a film about slavery?’ At that time, of course. This was before ‘Django’…other than a major event like ‘Roots.’ And that was it for him. It was sold on that. That yes, we should actually make this film.”

Check out the in-depth interview below.

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