120,000 Adoptions for a No-Kill Animal Shelter

The Northeast Animal Shelter (NEAS), based in Salem, Mass., will soon be celebrating the adoption of its 120,000th rescue animal!

Northeast Animal Shelter was established in 1976, and is one of New England's largest non-profit, no-kill animal shelters. Home to numerous adoptable dogs and cats (click here to view their site.)


Since their inception the shelter has also developed many programs such as Puppies Across America, Sato Rescue, Greyhound Rescue, Mother Animal Spay, Humane Education, Foster Care, Stray Cat Rescue, and Senior Visitation.

The 120,000th adoption is a huge deal to animal rescue supporters, and shelters out there. Right before their 40th anniversary this group has helped but a huge dent in the number of animals euthanized, and given homes to animals that otherwise wouldn't have had a chance.

How awesome is this? In celebration of the 120,000th adoption they will be having a special ceremony and giving the family of the 120,000th pet some special gifts, including a $120 gift card to PetSmart.

To all the shelters out there, keep on hustling like NEAS, and you can make sure every animal finds a loving home.