12/14/12: Moving Forward, Never On

3 years. 36 months. 1,095 days. It feels like it was yesterday. It feels a moment away. December 14, 2012 is every second, of every minute, of every single day. Yes, this is the 3 year anniversary, but I have lived 1,095 anniversaries, as so many have. This is a reality. It is wholly a part of me, how could it not be? My students and I came so close to losing our own lives on that day, as we cowered in our bathroom in the first classroom of our school. You don't come out of that the same. You emerge changed. Forever. 26 absolutely beautiful, incredible, remarkable lives were taken-and their memories are all that matter on this day. Their legacies. That doesn't mean this evil, this darkness, this day defines us. Because it doesn't. The things that happen to us, do not have to come to define us. That is our choice alone to make. I choose to have hope, always. I will never move on from December 14th 2012. But every single day of my life I will move forward. #foreverchanged #foreverhopeful