12 Ways To Support Your Specialness

Being special is not just a feeling but an action. Many people may think they are special. But, you are not what you think. You are not what you say. You are only what you DOHere is a list of 12 ways to know if you are supporting your specialness. 

Nurturing your specialness is like taking care of a baby, if you don't feed it, it will die.

1. You must invest time and money in yourself. It shows the world that you believe in yourself. Always start before you are ready.
2. Eating healthy, exercising, drinking water and taking care of your overall health. Your body is your vehicle. Keep things moving and treat it well.
3. You must have supportive friends. "Show me your friends, and I will show you your destiny."
4. Who are you with romantically? Is the other person helping you grow and making you feel unstoppable?
5. You must connect to your Spirituality. Inspiration and Creativity does not come from you, but Through You.
6. Are you charging your happiness battery? Do things everyday that make you happy. When you live in this energetic alive state, people will want to be around you.
7. Are you asking for help? Superstar artists and top business people always ask for help. Average people never ask.
 8. You don't hold on to anger. You forgive others. Not because they deserve it, but because you deserve it.
9. Do you have compassion and love for yourself? Only when you are kind and loving to yourself, can you love others.
10. Are you willing to be your Authentic self? It takes courage to believe in YOU and your Dreams.
11. Are you bringing hope and optimism to the world? Do you see yourself in others? Average people feel separated from others, and feel that no one understands them.
12 .You are grateful for your life and your opportunities. The greatest gift a person can give, is their joy to others. Sad and depressed people tend to think about themselves.


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