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13 Baby Names To Consider If You're Obsessed With 'Clueless'

July 19 marks the 20-year anniversary of cult classic film "Clueless." And everyone is like, totally buggin'!

In honor of this momentous occasion -- and because parents often draw inspiration for their baby's name from pop culture -- here's how the names of the film's most memorable characters rank today according to the Social Security Administration's data on popular baby names.


Lovable movie heroine Cher Horowitz was named after the famous singer, but despite her cult character status, her moniker does not carry the same prestige. Cher has not appeared on the Social Security Administration's list of 1000 most popular names in the past 15 years.


"Dionne and I were both named after famous singers of the past, who now do infomercials," Cher says in the film as she introduces her best friend. Their baby name bond runs deep, but as with Cher, the name Dionne has fallen into decline. Only 234 baby girls were named Dionne in 2014.


Earnest newcomer Tai is another character with a unique first name. Celebrity figure skater Tai Babilonia and anime character Tai Kamiya have carried on the gender neutral name's legacy, though it does not rank on the Social Security Administration's Top 1000 list.


Cher's love interest has one of the more common character names in the movie. Joshua is still a popular boy name today, though it has fallen slightly -- from number four in 2000 to number 25 in 2014.


Dionne's boyfriend Murray -- whose most memorable moment in the film is when he helps Cher and Dionne get off the freeway -- has a popular Scottish name, but it doesn't rank high on the U.S. list. Only 55 baby boys were named Murray in 2014.


Elton, who is described by Cher in the film as "a snob and a half," has a name that lives on through the Grammy-winning musician Elton John. In 2014, 217 baby boys were named Elton.


Cher's protective dad goes by Mel in the movie, but his full first name currently ranks at 672 on the Social Security list dropping from its peak at number 315 in 2002.


Cher's epic entrance-making friend/other "love interest" Christian has a name that remains one of the 50 most popular boys' names in the U.S. today.


Snobby, "ensembly challenged" Amber is Cher's biggest enemy at school. Her jewel-themed name has been steadily declining in popularity, dropping from number 47 in 2000 to number 309 in 2014.


Resident high school stoner Travis ultimately has a heart of gold, but his name has fallen from number 115 to 252 since 2000.


Summer, one of the girls in Cher's clique, is a name that is still a fairly popular option among U.S. parents for a potential baby name. It currently sits at number 182.


While her Hamlet knowledge was poor, Josh's college love interest Heather had a very popular 90s name. These days, however, the name sits at number 837 on the Social Security list.


Lawrence has his big moment when he shaves Murray's head at the party in the Valley. As a baby name, Lawrence has fallen in popularity on the Social Security list, where it last stood at number 462 in 2014.

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