13 Booze And Wine Cocktails For Coping With Election Season

If all the ugliness has you feeling down, drown your bitterness.

Feeling a little (or ALOT) stressed about the upcoming elections? Especially after the first debate between Donald and Hillary?

So are we!

You can't escape it. Everyday conversation is filled with fabrications of the latest election drama. Whether you're for or against Trump or Clinton, strong feelings surround either candidate. And that’s without mentioning who’s running in the rest of the elections.

It's like watching a car crash or the Kardashians. You want to look away, but you can't. The morbid curiosity just takes over. Well, that and the fact that the fate of the world is hinging on what happens in this election (yes, we added a little dramatic flair of our own).

It's time to close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and think of happy places. It'll all be over on November 8, 2016. Or at least the election drama will be! We can't speak for the actions of the elected candidate after the election. Or what the loser's reaction to losing will be.

If breathing, meditation and ignoring the situation isn’t working, try sipping booze and wine cocktails for the rest of the election season. A few of our 13 tasty alcohol laden cocktails are guaranteed to help you blunt the pain and cope with election season stress.

1 Blood Orange Thyme Mimosas

It's a downright ugly election season, so why not start your morning out with Shared Appetite's Blood Orange Thyme mimosa recipe?

2 Hatch Green Chili Bloody Mary

The only thing missing in Hatch Chili Wine's Hatch Green Chili Bloody Mary recipe is a splash of vodka, which you can easily remedy. Do remember this is early morning, so a controlled splash is suggested. Then again, if you get passed out drunk early, you won't have to remember the rest of the day.

3 Five Ingredient Spiced Pear Bellinis

It's fall, making it the right time for starting the morning out with Turnip in the Oven's Five Ingredient Spicy Pear Bellinis.

4 Pimm's Royale Punch

If you're looking for a nice bubbly sipping drink for maintaining your lovely morning buzz through lunch and midafternoon, consider making a pitcher of Epicurious' Pimm's Royale Punch recipe.

5 Red Apple Sangria

Loaded with red wine, apple cider, apple vodka and brandy, Jennifer Meyering's Red Apple Sangria recipe will sneak up and have you drunk off your ass before you know it (not that we're complaining!).

6 A Bitter Kiss

If all the ugliness has you feeling down, drown your bitterness with a mixture of gin and Campari in A Stack of Dishes’ bittersweet Bitter Kiss recipe.

7 Blood Orange Martini

If forgetting it's election season for just a moment is on your agenda, Cooks with Cocktails' Blood Orange Martini recipe has enough vodka, triple sec and sparkling wine to do the job.

8 Sparkling Tequila Mojito

A pitcher of One Martini's Sparkling Tequila Mojito recipe sounds like a beautiful way to take your mind off the election season.

9 Red Moon Over Manhattan

Turn the classic Manhattan red with a splash of red wine in Sugar and Charm's Red Moon Over Manhattan recipe.

10 The Devil's Margarita

There's not much doubt the devil is out to play during this election season, so why not join in with Show Me the Yummy's Devil Margaritas recipe.

11 Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri

Brain freeze is a great way to stop thinking about the election with Wine and Glue's Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri recipe.

12 Seneca Sunset

If a gin and tonic is your solution for drowning out the election season hoopla, then we're sure you'll love this gin and tonic twist from Saloon Box's Seneca Sunset Cocktail recipe.

13 New York Sour

It doesn't matter who your neighbors are planning to vote for after a few drinks made with The Drink Kings' New York Sour recipe.