13 Buildings That Tell LA's Architectural Story

PHOTOS: 13 Buildings That Tell LA's Architectural Story

While LA's downtown lacks the kind of in-your-face skyscraping architectural monuments you'll find in towns like Chicago or NYC, a bit of urban spelunking (especially into residential neighborhoods and the surrounding burbopolis) reveals Southern California's storied architectural past. These 13 buildings range from a fast-food joint to an apartment building to the gleaming Gehry--and are just a point of departure. Tell us about your favorites!

A note about Trazzler's slideshows: we don't do top-tens or best-of lists. Nor are we so morbid or presumptuous as to tell you where you must go before you shuffle off this mortal coil. The world is far too big and fascinating to encapsulate in any kind of definitive list. We simply chose the places that our writers have contributed that make us think, laugh, dream, and, in this case, experience a vicarious vertiginous thrill. --Megan Cytron, Editor of Trazzler

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