Just 13 Car Cleaning Kits To Keep Your Ride Looking Brand-New

Bundle it all together and save some money in the process.
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An impressive detailing kit with a powerful machine polisher
What you'll get: Each of four kit combination options comes with a Torqx machine polisher and polishing pads. Depending on which kit you get, you could receive between 8 and 17 items, including microfiber towels, polishing pad cleaner and conditioner, polish and compound samples and more.

Promising review: "My god, you guys rock!!! My car has not been wash/waxed in several years. On top of that, it has been uncovered in the Arizona sun. I have spent a ton of money on other products but have never got this kind of results. I can’t believe my car now. Buy this product...you will be thrilled with the results." — Steve McCaslin
An Armor All kit that basically comes with everything except the car
What you'll get: The 5-piece kit comes with tire coating spray, wheel cleaner, foaming car wash, glass cleaner, and leather treatment wipes. The 8-piece kit comes with a car wash pad, Ultra Shine wash and wax, tire and wheel cleaner, tire shine, multipurpose car interior cleaner, protectant spray, glass cleaner and air freshener spray. The 9-piece kit comes with a wash mitt, three towels, glass cleaner, foam wash, wheel cleaner, protectant spray and tire cleaner.

Promising review: "This whole kit is amazing. I’ve never had a detailing kit before but wow. My favorite thing has to be the wheel and tire cleaner. You simply spray it on, wait for it to do its magic, wipe it off and boom — your rims are back to looking brand-new. I’ll definitely be getting more of each product as they run out (small amount of each product in this kit). Also, the packaging is great: each spray bottle is in its own Ziplock-style bag." — Souhieb
A Turtle Wax 10-piece ultimate car care kit reviewers say is a total steal for its price
What you'll get: Each kit comes with tire shine, wax and dry spray wax, dash and class detailer, protectant spray, scratch and swirl remover, odor eliminator spray, car wash and wax, two microfiber cloths and a foam applicator.

Promising review: "This kit has everything you need to have a great-looking car as long as you give it the time and effort. I have bought a few car cleaning kits and this one is by far the best chemicals and best variety. It has everything you need for inside and out unless you have leather seats. Good value, 10/10 would recommend." — Garett
A carpet and upholstery cleaning kit that lets your power drill do the work for you
What you'll get: Foaming fabric cleaner, a heavy-duty bottle and spray and a carpet brush. All you'll need is a drill to attach to the brush!

Promising review: "This product is a LIFE SAVER!!! I’m wanting to sell my car soon and I was trying to figure out how to clean up my car seats. They’ve been covered with car seat covers for the past two years. This product is amazing! Easy to use, and a little goes a long way! I just filled the spray bottle with a small amount of the cleaner and filled the rest with water. Sprayed it, used the brush, and then wiped with a microfiber cloth! BUY IT NOW!" — Richard Douse
An impressive Meguiar's complete car care kit equipped with *everything* you need
Pro Car Cleaning Tip: "Keep in mind the philosophy that 'less is more' especially applies when it comes to tire shine, wax, and shampoo. For example, complaints of tire shine slinging off the tires are almost always resolved by simply not applying a heavy load of product," said Michael Stoops, senior global product and training specialist at Meguiar’s. "The kit’s included clay bars should be used in conjunction with the Quik Detailer (after washing and drying the car, of course) to remove bonded contaminants prior to applying the wax. Just remember that if you drop a clay bar on the ground, throw it away immediately to avoid contaminating the paint. Because of this, it’s usually best to tear a clay bar in half rather than use the entire bar at once."

What you'll get: Each complete car care kit includes car wash shampoo and conditioner, liquid wax, high gloss gel, Quik Detailer, interior detail cleaner, clay bars, plastic cleaner and polish, a container of ScratchX, microfiber towel, foam applicator pad and microfiber wash mitt.

Promising review: "This works better than products I've used that are twice the price or more. Plus, it's easier to apply. You barely have to use any pressure to remove the fog, yellowing, and light scratches. I restored both of my headlights on a 2012 vehicle in under 10 minutes, all by hand. You can't go wrong with anything Meguiar's." — Chad S.
A highly-rated car cleaning kit by Chemical Guys reviewers cannot stop raving about
What you'll get: Each of the three available combination kits contains a bucket, dirt trap filter, wash mitt, handle brush, dressing applicator, microfiber towels, foam soap, car wax, glass cleaner, shine dressing/protectant and wheel cleaner. Depending on which kit you purchase, you may also receive a foam gun, foam cannon, glass and window towel, Speed Wipe quick detailer, paint sealant, fabric and upholstery cleaner, after-wash drying agent and interior cleaner and protectant.

Promising review: "The soap rinsed off and dried spotless using the provided sprayer in the kit. Tires look slick and have a deep wet shine. The glass is spotless. The trim looks brand new. All tar and gunk has disappeared. Wax is easy to use. When I walked back out later that night, I was shocked. Take everything I said in the last paragraph and times it by 10. It was BEAUTIFUL. I don't know what these people are doing, but they're doing it right. I've never had a car look this good. I come back the next morning and I walk out. It looks even BETTER. I've never been more proud of a car sitting in our driveway. Do yourself a favor and get this kit. This will change you." — Dayanara
An Armor All car cleaning kit boasting glass wipes, tire foam, protectant spray and a wash-and-wax shine formula
Promising review: "I've used Armor All for years and bought this kit when I bought a new car. It has everything you need to keep your car looking great. I did buy some extra Armor All wipes (leather and air freshening protectant wipes) to keep in the car (in addition to the glass wipes that came in this kit) to keep in my car for quick easy cleanup. The wash-and-wax really made my car shine." — Rach123
Or another Armor All 5-piece starter cleaning kit with small bottles of protectant spray, glass cleaner, tire foam, multipurpose cleaning spray and a microfiber towel
Promising review: "I love my Armor All Starter Car Care Kit. It has everything you need to keep your ride clean inside and out!! The glass cleaner did a great job and didn't leave streaks. The protectant shined all my interior dashes. The tire shine will leave your tires sparkling! Overall, this is everything you need to detail a car. Great job, Armor All." — Jason R. Merrow
A car cleaning brush kit for to help scrub and cleanse every part of your vehicle
Pro tip: "Always wash your car in the shade. If there’s no nearby building to provide it, wait for a day without direct sunshine, or fit it in during the very early morning or late evening hours," said Richard Reina, product training director and automotive expert at CARiD.com. This is "to prevent the water from drying up before you have a chance to wipe it off. If you let the sun dry the car, it may leave spots."

What you'll get: Each kit comes with an extendable pole (choose either 5-12 feet, 6-24 feet, or 7-30 feet long), a 5-sided soft bristle scrub brush, a window squeegee and washer, chenille microfiber cleansing head and two microfiber car wash mitts.

Promising review: "This set of cleaning tools includes everything I need to thoroughly clean the exterior of my RV. The extension pole is great, and keeps me from having to use a ladder to reach the uppermost portions of the coach, turning what used to be an extremely tedious task to one that is almost (but not quite) enjoyable. I like being able to alternate between the brush and the microfiber cleaning head depending on the surface being cleaned and the tenaciousness of the grime/dead bugs/bird droppings/etc." — Jim S.
A waterless wash-and-wax detailing kit to keep your vehicle's paint, wheels, windows and more squeaky clean with no hose
What you'll get: Each kit comes with a spray bottle, 16 ounces of waterless wash and three towels.

Promising review: "This stuff is seriously amazing and the kit is a great value. First, the atomizer is awesome and works very well. Super easy to use and the nozzle settings are very useful. The towels are extremely plush and make all the difference for this system! As for EcoSmart, I can’t say enough about it. It seriously pays for itself in water savings.Literally just 'washed' it this afternoon in my warm, cozy garage and there is a blizzard going on outside. The shine is great and it has not swirled or damaged my paint at all. I would say that I think the secret is in using good microfiber towels for this. The ones in the kit are excellent. In short, this is a great system and I highly recommend it, whether you’re trying to keep a car clean over winter, worried about chemical runoff, live in an area with water restrictions, or just don’t have ready access to a hose to clean your car. Love it and won’t go back!" — Josh
A budget-friendly car cleaning kit that'll give you 10 tools and products without needing to spend a pretty penny
What you'll get: Each kit comes with a window scraper, duster, tire brush, wheel brush, microfiber sponge, dust brush, drying towel, microfiber towels and a storage box.

Promising review: "I just purchased a new car and wanted a cleaning kit that had all the essentials but also compact and easy to store in the car. This was PERFECT! Not only does it have everything I need but the quality of the items is even more than expected. All of the fabrics are super soft and quick to absorb. The car looks great and I could not be happier. I HIGHLY recommend this product." —D Campbell
An 8-piece Armor All car cleaning kit
What you'll get: Each kit comes with a microfiber wash mitt, drying towel, protectant wipes, all-cleaning wipes, glass wipes, foam cleaner, car wash and odor eliminator.

Promising review: "I really like this bundle! The mitt is really cool and easy to use. Towel is soft and does not leave marks. I store the items, towel, cleanser and wipes in a pail right in the car. Easy way to keep the car clean and definitely easy to use. Quality products. Would definitely recommend!" — Jan Holland, Esq.
And a black and pink car cleaning kit to make cleaning more colorful
Pro tip: "Begin with the roof. Wash one section of the vehicle at a time, then rinse it off. Each time you’ve washed a panel, rinse the washcloth in the bucket with clean water before putting it back into the soapy bucket; this minimizes the amount of dirt in the soapy water," said Reina."From the roof, move to the windows, hood and trunk, then doors, fenders, and bumpers. Wash the wheels and tires last. If they are particularly dirty, use a separate brush for them. Be sure to rinse right after washing so that the soap does not have a chance to dry on the surface."

What you'll get: Each kit comes with cleaning gel, a duster brush, car wash mitt, fleece towel, microfiber towel, window scraper duster, tire brush, hub brush, air conditioner brush, clear stone hook, waxing sponge and a tool storage box.

Promising review: "Great detailing kit. The microfiber towels are great. Leaves no debris behind. The little tool for cleaning the vents works well, gets in all the small hard to get places. I also love the color pink." —toni
Optimum No Rinse wash

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