‘13 Going On 30’ Actor Who Played Young Jenna Just Turned 30

Christa B. Allen, who starred alongside Jennifer Garner in the rom-com, celebrated by analyzing what the genre teaches girls about womanhood.

Bust out the Razzles — little Jenna Rink is all grown up.

Actor Christa B. Allen, who played the tween version of Jennifer Garner’s character in “13 Going on 30,” turned 30 on Thursday. It seemed like it was only yesterday that she looked like this:

Allen decided to mark ruffalo the occasion by uploading a series of videos to her Instagram and TikTok accounts in which she dismantled confusing and potentially harmful messages that romantic comedies send to young women.

In one video, a young woman playing a 13-year-old version of Allen tells the actor that she made “a movie telling a bunch of young girls that their only two choices in life are to be wildly successful and alone, or to get married, have kids and decorate some cheesy house.”

“Not everything is going to magically fall into place when you turn 30,” the young version of Allen says.

Despite Allen’s criticisms of the genre, she still clearly feels fondly about “13 Going on 30” and has posted plenty of videos about the movie to her social media accounts.

In one TikTok, Allen recreates the scene in which a freshly adult Jenna gets ready for a party. She expertly nails Jenna’s final look — butterfly necklace, colorful dress and all.

In an interview with Kelly Clarkson in March, Garner expressed her surprise that Allen had found a dress so similar to the iconic one from the movie.

“How does she have that dress?” Garner said. “I don’t even have that dress!”