13 Hilarious Food Realities Only People Who've Lived in Israel Understand

Since eating in Israel is an experience in and of itself, I've compiled a list describing what it's like to sit down for an Israeli meal. You know you're eating in Israel when...
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I might be biased, but I firmly believe that the best part of traveling to a new country is the cuisine. For me, eating is all about the experience, and each culture has a different feeling associated with its native foods.

Israel is a melting pot of cuisines, from African, to Turkish, to Iraqi, to Moroccan and beyond. In addition, the mixture of Sephardic and Ashkenazi cooking has a huge impact on the culinary palette of the country.

Since eating in Israel is an experience in and of itself, I've compiled a list describing what it's like to sit down for an Israeli meal.

You know you're eating in Israel when...

1. It's impossible to get water when you're sitting at a restaurant.

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It doesn't help that you're always sitting outside in the 100° heat.

2. The only three Hebrew words you use on a daily basis are slicha (sorry, excuse me), mayim (water) and heshbon (check).

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Speaking of, why can't we get our checks separately? #toomuchmath

3. Eating challah in an Irish pub on Shabbat isn't weird.

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That is, if you can find a place that's open on Shabbat.

4. Ice cubes just don't exist.

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Um, hello, it's hot af. Where is my ice?

5. Hummus is literally your entire meal.

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And you dip raw onions in your hummus like a boss.

6. There are automatically four dogs at your feet whenever you sit down in public.

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Apparently, your hummus brings all the dogs to the yard.

7. You know the difference between iced coffee and cold coffee.

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Pictured above: cold coffee.

8. Your salad consists solely of tomatoes and cucumbers.

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Who needs lettuce, anyway?

9. You put za'atar on everything.

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Like, literally, everything.

10. You drink Goldstar everywhere you go.

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Because you're only allowed to drink Israeli beer when you're in Israel.

11. You can't seem to escape the eggplant.

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Eggplant, she's a sneaky one.

12. You're either Team Falafel or Team Schwarma.

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Or, you're an equal opportunity Israeli food lover and you're down to eat both.

13. You know the sketchier a place looks, the better their food probably is.

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Definitely not the same in America...