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13 Island Girls From The Philippines That Will Give You The Beach Envy

Philippines, lately, needs no introduction. It's the new Promised Land for anyone obsessed with the beach. From addicting long strips of white powder sands, water so clear you can see the future, abundant marine life, and hidden lagoons that's nothing short of magical... Philippines is EVERYTHING.
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Philippines, lately, needs no introduction. It's the new Promised Land for anyone obsessed with the beach. From addicting long strips of white powder sands, water so clear you can see the future, abundant marine life, and hidden lagoons that's nothing short of magical... Philippines is EVERYTHING. And who else can show you the magic of the islands other than the locals? I've curated a list of 13 beach babes from the Philippines that will absolutely make you wish you live in a tropical country. This list is full on tropical lifestyle, so whether you're planning to go, or trying to convince yourself to go, or you already live here, be warned: this post may induce extreme jealousy and envy.

1.) @leagoeson


This list wouldn't even be credible without Lea. When I first came across her Instagram a year or two ago, I couldn't decide if I wanted to love it or hate it. Love it, because obviously- amazing tropical feed filled with photos of crystal clear water, white heavenly sands, and lots of cute bikinis. Hate it, because, she lives in one of the most beautiful underrated islands of the Philippines (Siargao) and I'm extremely jealous of that, and the fact that she works the camera so well. In the end, I'm pretty much obsessed with lurking on her photos.

2.) @rajbelandres


Raj and her boyfriend @ninjarod travels to the most beautiful places in the Philippines and they document their adventures pretty well with photos so beautiful they look almost unreal. Chances are, you've come across at least one of their photos on Instagram because it's been featured in different travel accounts so many times. There's lots of turquoise in her feed, accompanied by spot on hidden locations.

3.) @chilltorralba


Her feed is a great balance of beaches, waterfalls, camping, and surfing. If that doesn't describe an enviable tropical lifestyle, then I don't know what will. It's fun scrolling through her Instagram because the subtle fading on her photos adds so much character to her feed. Definitely worth putting on your who to stalk list even if you're not coming to the Philippines, just to get inspiration.

4.) @kimijuan


Surprisingly, I just discovered her account very recently. Her feed is pure GOALS. She's got a clean feed with lots of soft tones and beach photography, which proves that you don't need vivid colors to justify the beauty of the Philippines. That, and she's got a really a good eye. It's kind of a minimalistic feed, but it's definitely abundant with charm and loveliness.

5.) @isabelilim


Her Instagram bio states "a curated bikini roster from the sunny islands of the Philippines" which pretty much sums up the gist of her account. She focuses on lots of ocean shots while rocking the cutest bikinis. Needless to say, this island girl is also constantly rocking an amazing tan.

6.) @karlaroundtheworld


Karla is a preschool teacher who definitely knows how to spend her long weekends and summer vacations. Her Instagram is a mix of ocean, land, and extreme adventures, highlighting the wonders of the Philippines and exhibiting a feed that will give you the tropical envy for real.

7.) @thepinaysolobackpacker


Not only is she a great blogger that produces amazing content with detailed guides for her readers, but her Instagram is quite a great representation of what traveling all over the Philippines is like too. It's not your typical solo traveler account, because she'll show you the best of the best on her account filled with colorful pictures. So even if you can't move here, you can live through her vicariously.

8.) @darlingoftheorient


She seems like quite a darling indeed. With her luscious long black hair and golden skin, she'll show you that being an island girl in a tropical country is well, living the dream. I just stumbled upon her Instagram and already I'm a fan. The soft tones and slight dimming in her photos evokes a nostalgic yesterday feel to her feed.

9.) @oceanholic07


Another one that hails from the magical island of Cebu, Rowena is quite the adventurer. She dives and she hikes which is very apparent on her feed. Don't be surprised if you're induced with extreme thirst for an ocean adventure after. The vibrance and colors on her feed will definitely make you want to book a ticket to Cebu STAT!

10.) @tialacson


Tia's feed is more on the luxurious side of the tropics, making you question if she's even in a third world country at all. But that doesn't necessarily mean she sticks to fancy hotels and resorts, because her Instagram is diverse enough showcasing the many different beauties of the islands of the Philippines.

11.) @illumelation


A Londoner who's a bit of a fresh meat in Manila, Melissa is obviously in love with the Philippines. I learned that she just got scuba certified and it's very obvious that she lives for the ocean too. Her feed is pure serenity, filled with shots of beautiful golden rays reflecting against the ocean.

12.) @katefenio


Not all mermaids have long hair. Sometimes, they rock a pixie cut too. This beach babe slash surfer's feed represents the humble yet charming island life. The tropical fruits, majestic waters, and lazy days bumming around... what's not to love?

13.) @girlunspotted


Yup, that's me! As a self proclaimed mermaid, you should know by now that the ocean is my aphrodisiac. I do like to keep it versatile so once in a while, I mix it up with summits and waterfalls. I'm a fan of soft tones and pastels but I also like to showcase the true colors of the places I go to. And because I live for lesser known places, you'll definitely learn off beat destinations all over the Philippines from me.

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