13 Lessons From a Dog Named Figment (in Life, Love and Happiness)


I recently heard the saying: Pain is your greatest teacher. Not sure I agree with this one... but more on that later.

I lost my precious little Figment (a Pomeranian) early Monday morning. Figgy had been battling liver and kidney failure since January, and I do find solace in knowing that his battle is over and his pain is no more. He would have been 8 years young in August.

Another saying that comes to mind: Only the good die young. This. This one I agree with 100 percent.

It's as if Figgy's little body wasn't big enough for the LOVE that his Soul is capable of. It was time for him to be set free from the limitations that come with having a body and living on this earth. I can feel his Love permeating every single moment of my day. If you knew Figgy at all (even his online presence), I'm willing to bet you can feel his love too. He was is a truly magical Soul.

The way I see it, pain is merely the catalyst for LOVE showing up when you need it most.

LOVE is in fact the greatest teacher of all.

Through Figgy's love I learned many, many lessons. I could literally write a book about all of them. In fact, you may be reading an excerpt from an upcoming children's book... time will tell.

For now, I give you...

Lessons From a Dog Named Figment


Lesson #1. Be present. This moment right here is the only one we have together. Be here with me... oh, and pet me as often as possible (treats are also encouraged).

Lesson #2. Your energy is electric when you show your teeth (I think you call it smiling?). Do that as often as you can... I love when you do that.

Lesson #3. It's about the little things. I'm little... and I bring SO much joy to your life! (not to brag... but... OK I'm bragging). Little things rock. Remember that.

Lesson #4. Slow down. I mean, how are you in such a hurry when all we have is this moment right here?! (see Lesson #1) Also, you show your teeth more when you slow down (see Lesson #2). In my opinion, unless a squirrel just ran in front of you, or your favorite tree is up ahead (okay, any tree) or someone just said "treat" I don't see what the rush is.


Lesson #5. It's safe to Love. Over and over and over, even if it makes water come down from your eyes sometimes (I'll lick those up anyways... they're so salty!) Don't be afraid of Love. Love as deeply as you can, in every moment.

Lesson #6. Love is simple. Love is spontaneous. Love is timeless. Love is limitless. Love is every where. Love is everyone. You are Love. I am Love. I love You.

Lesson #7. If you miss me, find the Love in that moment... I'll be waiting for you there.

Lesson #8. Remember Lesson #5.


Lesson #9. Remember Lesson #1.

SIDE NOTE: It's not always easy to be happy, but I gotta say, I'm really good at it. (Again... not bragging... OK yes I am). You even brought me on your show as co-host for the Happiness episode! Which was ALSO the Season Finale. I mean come ooooon. Just call me the Happiness King.

Lesson #10. Don't judge. Emotions are all over the place some times... that's a good thing. The next moment might be totally different than this moment... that's a good thing. Things that make you leak water from your eyes (again, yum!) or yell super loud or lay in bed all day (snuggle day!) are just as important for you to experience as the things that make you show your teeth.

Lesson #11. See Lesson #7

Lesson #12. Go for more walks. Get outside. Nature is amazing (and the squirrels live outside!) Also, go on more vacations. That one with the hammock was on point.

Lesson #13. Use your emotions as a flash light for learning more about yourself. You are such a cool person! (I mean, helloooo, I picked you as a Mom didn't I?) You should really spend as much time as you can getting to know yourself... you're awesome and you deserve to know that.

OK, that's what I've got for ya so far. Hope you like it.

Oh! One more thing. If you have kids, please feel free to share these lessons with them too. I wasn't a big fan of kids at first... freaked me out how small and unpredictable they are. But I found that they usually have something on their hands, clothes or face that I could lick (bonus!), and I really did grow to love all of Jenn's nieces and nephews. I'm sure your sticky little maniacs are just as great.

BONUS LESSON: You are loved.

-- Figment (a.k.a. Figgy, Monkey, Little bear, Figgy Pop, Figsta Rigsta, Figgy boom boom, Snugabear)

With that, it is my absolute honor to say to you one last time...

And now, here's Figgy...