13 Modern Day Technology Problems That Could Soon Be Obsolete Thanks To New Tech

two scientists working in a...
two scientists working in a...

You want to turn off the light in your bedroom, but you are so comfy and cozy under your blanket. Your plants are always dying because you have no idea how much water to give them. You'd like to watch "Real Housewives of Atlanta," but your stupid boyfriend wants to watch "Real Housewives of Miami," instead.

Modern life is full of problems. Luckily, technology companies have devoted brilliant men and women to solving those problems and making these troubles nothing but quaint trifles of ancient life.

Below, we've collected 13 modern annoyances, difficulties and burdens in 2013 that may soon be obsolete, thanks to innovative technologies we've seen emerge in the past year or two. As the song goes: Enjoy your worries, you may never have them again.

You Eat Too Fast

13 Tech Problems That Could Be Going Away Soon

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