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13 Modern Wedding Photo Ideas That'll Look Timeless Forever

I asked seven insightful photographers to share their expertise on the best wedding photo ideas for 2015. But these aren't just "2015 wedding photo idea trends" -- this is about capturing photos that are timeless and meaningful for you, not just ideas that look fashionable now but posed later.
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You hired a wedding photographer to beautifully capture you on the most beautiful day of your life. While a professional has years of experience on how to personally flatter you with the right lighting, angles and timing, your extra team of photographers (your family and friends!) are the perfect people to get all those genuine, silly and candid photos that are just as personal to you.

That's why I asked seven insightful photographers to share their expertise on the best wedding photo ideas for 2015. But these aren't just "2015 wedding photo idea trends" -- this is about capturing photos that are timeless and meaningful for you, not just ideas that look fashionable now but posed later.

Work-of-Art-Inspired Wedding Photo Ideas

When I started my career 21 years ago, I followed many trends when photographing weddings (like using a star filter, using a soft focus filter on my lens and cross processed transparency film). I look back at those images now and ask myself, 'What was I thinking?' Since 2000, I have maintained a contemporary, but classic, style in my work and have combined that with beautiful lighting, well-crafted posing, and a focus on storytelling and emotion. I have never been too conscious of having my style reflect current trends... I often use my last week's effort as my inspiration. Remember, you don't have be the best, you just have to be better than last week.

-- Jerry Ghionis of Jerry Ghionis Photography

American-Gothic-Inspired Wedding Photo Ideas

Aaron Tokarz of White Shutter Photography says,

At almost every wedding, we start a series of naturally posed pictures with an american gothic styled shot. Having the couple start in a pose that they are familiar with or have seen before, combined with the fact that is a bit goofy, really lightens the mood.

It allows the couple to forget that they are right in the middle of their wedding pictures and loosens them up. I usually start with the groom holding the flowers and the two of them holding hands, looking straight into camera. Then I get ready and tell them to look stoic. I'm able to pop off one or two quick shots before somebody starts cracking up... then I just keep shooting. It usually turns out into some killer shots because we get the gothic one and then a series of them just being themselves, and that is what our couples expect from us.

If they're having a hard time with it, then i'll coach them thru it. For example I might tell the groom to look into camera while the bride looks at him, and maybe makes faces or just stares at him... then I switch them up... I usually end with them looking completely away from each other before turning and embracing and giving each other a big kiss... it's great because the bride doesn't have her flowers in her hands so she can grab onto the groom.

It works well with any style of wedding.

Nature-Inspired Wedding Photo Ideas

I do love shooting through glass and also flowers. Both tend to reflect and draw out the natural beauty of the couple, already generally radiant on their wedding day....I think one of the most timeless shots that's getting a revived emphasis is the bubble shot.

-- Grace Dickinson of Grace Dickinson Photography

Couple-Inspired Wedding Photo Ideas

The Usie: Out with the selfie in with the usie. Whether it be pre-wedding prep, at the altar or on the dance floor the usie is a go to. Even when it's no longer cool to reference it as the usie, what you are left with is a timeless, energy-filled group photo.
Thank you again!

The Sneak Away: For couples that want more relaxed photos... take sneak away photos. These are great too because it often captures evening photos with the moon shining, vibrant candle light, sparklers or light bouncing off of architectural pieces as the backdrop. This allows couples who want to stay traditional and not see each other before the wedding the more relaxed, intimate photos that they can't always get right after the ceremony with the bridal party and guests steering on during cocktail hour.

-- Amanda Morris of Livin La Panda

Aerial Inspired Wedding Photo Ideas

Drone photography and videography are pretty incredible additions to the 2015 wedding, and have been enabled by the cutting edge of technology. They're not only for the ultra-rich now.Drone media is especially worthwhile for destination weddings or those with highly beautiful surroundings (beaches, farms, mountains, fall colors, etc). It's not something that will ever replace traditional photography, but it provides an amazing supplement... showing the macro picture of the day.

-- Chris Gragtmans, Drone Pilot.

(Special attention needs to be given to the safety of wedding guests. Drones are machines and erring on the side of caution is always best.)

Signature Item/Favorite Things Wedding Photo Ideas

Brides, don't feel like you need to stick to the traditional wedding with the big fancy venue, 10 bridesmaids and the expected bouquet toss to entertain your guests. Be YOU, get a big fancy, over-the-top dress, wear a floral headpiece and go get married in a field, bring a vintage piece of furniture to sit on and make those photos reflect who you really are. Have your bridesmaids wear different dresses, or just don't have any at all! This is YOUR day!

-- Ashlee Crowden of Ashlee Crowden:

Groom and Groomsmen Wedding Photo Ideas

Why can't the boys have some photography fun too? Make sure to capture the bro friendships in your life at your wedding -- after all, the guys are partying in celebrating your marriage!

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