13 Reasons Homemade Pizza Is Way Better Than Delivery

Delivery might be easier, but homemade will always take the cake (or dough, in this case).
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Late nights always leave you itching to order in pizza from Pizza Hut, Papa John's, or your favorite local pizza shop. But in reality, by making your own pizza, you wind up saving some money and you end up with a finished product that tastes so much better than your usual Wisconsin 6 Cheese Pizza (sorry, Domino's). Delivery might be easier, but homemade will always take the cake (or dough, in this case).

1. It arrives piping hot from you oven, not freezing cold through your front door.
Get this Margherita pizza recipe here.

2. Your pizza can magically transport you to exotic locations.
You don't need a passport to learn how to make Mediterranean pita pizzas.

3. You can remain healthy while still indulging.
Does your local pizza chain have cauliflower crust pizza? Doubtful. Get the recipe here.

4. You can eat it for breakfast, long before Pizza Hut has opened.
Start cracking on your breakfast pizza here.

5. You can use all the ingredients you already have in your kitchen to take your pizza to the next level.
You may be lazy, but you can be half as lazy with this half homemade pizza.

6. You save a few, precious bucks (which can then be used to purchase your fave beer).
Get the recipe for this flatbread pizza here.

7. You don't have to worry about tipping.
Math is hard. Get the recipe for this potato pizza here.

8. There's no chance your pizza will get stuck in severe weather conditions.
Horrors! The delivery man can't get to you because the roads are flooding. Get the recipe for this shaved asparagus pizza here.

9. You can be gluten-free for the evening.
Let's face it: everyone's gluten-free now. Get the recipe here.

10. You won't be delivered someone else's pizza.
No one wants to take the chance of getting those pesky anchovies sprinkled on your pie. Learn how to make this beetza here.

11. Your pizza won't arrive soggy or glued to the box.
Because no one likes mushy pizza. Get the recipe for this whole wheat pita pizza here. (And see Domino's gravity-defying solution for avoiding #PizzaDeliveryFail.)

12. You can put thirty toppings on without worrying about the extra charge.
Get the recipe for this nacho pizza here.

13. But most importantly, your pizza won't arrive looking like this:
Because no one wants their toppings sliding all over the place.

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