13 Reasons Why the Miles Don't Make a Difference When It's Your Best Friend

When you are fortunate enough to have a friend in your life you trust unconditionally and who you would share your biggest secrets with, you feel beyond lucky. When that person moves away, you aren't completely sure that things will remain that way.

I am here to tell you that distance doesn't have to make a difference. Yes, it is an effort to maintain a long-distance friendship, but, without question, it is a worthwhile effort. To ease your mind, here are a few key realizations I have experienced to confirm that distance will not change your relationship.

1. You can still pick up the phone, day or night, and talk about nothing.

2. You can complain about your significant others for hours and she will never hold it against him.

3. You can compare your children's triumphs and difficult times and there is no judgment.

4. You always want to see each other, even if you don't say it often. (Sometimes when you say it aloud it hurts because you miss her so much.)

5. You can still sit in silence on Skype or FaceTime and it's fine.

6. When you know about all of the weirdness in each of your extended family relationships and it doesn't change anything.

7. You know you can talk about other people and she'll never share it.

8. She can call you crying about anything. You will listen and likely cry with her.

9. You can buy a new outfit, complain about how it accentuates your every flaw and she will agree with you because she loves you.

10. You can still dream together, talk about getting older together and even hope to move near each other again and then reminisce about that again a week later.

11. Your conversations are either about something specific or nothing at all and they are all equally important.

12. You can complain about your newest wrinkle or gray hair and she will tell you she has the same ones.

13. You can text one word or a phrase and she will understand what you are feeling at that moment.

Best friends are the special ones. They are the ones you go to when you have big news to share or when you have a huge disappointment you need help getting over. They are your shoulder to cry on and your partner to laugh with.

Distance does not have to change the friendship. You may not talk to each other daily like before. However, when you do talk, it's as if you never stopped talking. I have heard others say that you can't pick the people in your family. Luckily, a best friend is the sister you got to choose.