13 Rules for a Successful Career

When students come to see me, they're interested in telling me what they would like to get from me, what they would like me to teach them or what they didn't like from other teachers they've have worked with before. I have realized that for this learning process to be successful, it can't be a one-way street. It's not only what you want from your teacher, but also what your teacher wants from you.

So, I came up with a contract, which states exactly what I need from each student. It is true, that finding a great teacher is difficult, but finding a great student is also difficult. If you're not a great student you will not be successful in the class, even if you're with a brilliant teacher. I found that some students are completely unaware how to really learn, which is why I wrote this contract. Below are specific rules, which if you abide by, will put you on the path of success.

(A contract is an agreement between two parties clearly stating what is required.)

The Contract.
1. I must have the courage to find the real "truth" about myself. (Most people have no idea who they "truly" are. Some are afraid to learn and accept the truth about themselves. It's a very big problem.)

2. I understand that to achieve my dreams, I must be willing to feel foolish and be uncomfortable. (You must be ready to leave your comfort zones.)

3. When I perform I will give more than anyone ever expected, including myself. (You need to constantly prove to yourself that you are serious about your dream.)

4. I know that I will meet people who will not see my gift.
(That is the most common thing in the world, but it must never stop you.)

5. I will not judge my gift. I will let others do that.
(Your job is just to give your gift to the world without any kind of judgment.)

6. I am totally responsible for my career and myself.
(Accept where you are in your career and if you don't like it, only you can change it.)

7. I will be very easy to work with.
(You'd be surprised how many difficult people try to get into this business, and of course fail. So, be very nice!)

8. I will never complain or blame anyone.
(When you complain or blame anyone you lose your power.)

9. I will be open to new information and new possibilities.
(Forget what you think you know and be open to what you don't know.)

10. I will bring more passion and joy to my craft, every day.
(Passion overcomes negativity and joy lets you overcome obstacles.)

11. I will choose to be optimistic, especially during the tough times.
(The secret of all successful people is that they are optimistic when others would not be.)

12. I will learn to trust and believe in my artistic instincts.
(Don't question your instincts they come from your heart - they're always right.)

13. I understand that to achieve all of this, I must first- WAKE UP!!!
(You may not know it, but trust me, you are sleeping. Only when you're awake can you see your possibilities!)

I know that I will have to remind myself of all the above items daily. I am totally committed to becoming a world-class person and artist. I agree with the above contract without question or reservation.

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