13 Saint Patrick's Day Facts We All Should Know


Saint Patrick's Day is just around the corner. On March 17th, a ton of people will celebrate by tipping one down the hatch for good ole Patty. Before you decide to go green and welcome a hangover with open arms, however, these following Saint Patrick's Day facts can make you the talk of the festivities this year.

Wear Blue; Not Green

Saint Patrick did not wear green. He actually wore a color called Saint Patrick's blue. Green was only associated with the holiday following it being adapted as the Irish sought their independence in the late 1700s.

Patrick Wasn't Irish

Here's a nice kicker, Patty wasn't even Irish. His parents had lineage from Wales, Scotland and Rome. His goal was to evangelize Christianity to Ireland, but he was not a native.

It's a Serious Holiday in Ireland

Saint Patrick's Day is a national holiday in Ireland.

New York Celebrates in Style

Each year, New York City hosts an massive Saint Patrick's Day Parade. It's one of the biggest that you will find anywhere. Over 250,000 people regularly march in it. But no floats are allowed.

Chicago Is a Big Fan

Chicago uses 40 tons of green dye to turn the Chicago River green each year, a tradition they have been celebrating since 1962.

It Used to Be Religious

During the greater portion of the 20th century, this holiday was very religious. In fact, in Ireland, the pubs would be closed as would many businesses.

The Shamrock is a Religious Metaphor

The shamrock was used to represent the holy trinity by Saint Patrick. It had nothing to do with being lucky or leprechauns.

Weather Drove Out the Snakes

Saint Patrick is credited with helping eradicate snakes from Ireland. But science tells us otherwise, showing that bad weather and the bitter cold made the land inhospitable to reptiles.

Corned Beef Does Not Have Corn

Contrary to its name, corned beef has no corn. It actually refers to larger salt grains called corns that are used to cure the meat.

People Consume a Ton of Alcohol

But how much are they drinking? Experts have estimated that beer sales top $245 million on this solitary day.

Saint Maewyn's Day - The Other Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick's birth name was Maewyn Succat. He changed it after entering priesthood to Patricius.

Female Leprechauns Do Not Exist

This one is self-explanatory. Traditional folklore concurs.

Leprechauns Are Shoe Repairmen

That's right. According to lore, leprechauns make shoes and fix them all day.

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