13 Spring Garden Inspirations to Beat the Mid-Winter Freeze

Take a break from staring sadly outside at a cold, white landscape, and feast your eyes on some spring-tastic gardening ideas, for green-thumbs, black-thumbs, and all thumbs in between.
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Nothing makes us miss spring like gusty winds, snowed-in cars, and layers of socks. Take a break from staring sadly outside at a cold, white landscape, and feast your eyes on some spring-tastic gardening ideas, for green-thumbs, black-thumbs, and all thumbs in between. Bust that bleak mood and get yourself excited for warmer weather, by planning your spring garden now!

1. Rain Boot Hanging Garden
Project via Hometalker Lisa @Concord Cottage

Have you ever seen anything so cute in your life? Say goodbye to boots on your feet and hello to boots on your fence!

2. Fenced Backyard Garden
Project via Hometalker Karri @Blue Ribbon Kitchen

Go classic this spring, with a white picket fence around the sweetest patch of flower beds and vegetable rows, perfect for springtime enjoyment

3. Stenciled Flowerpots
Project via Hometalker Meegan @What Meegan Makes

Your flower choice isn't the only way to add some fun color to your plant pots. Pick your favorite hues, and add some stenciled style before you start planting.

4. Pallet Garden Walkway
Project via Hometalker Donna @Funky Junk Interiors

Remember that spring gardens also need some cute details, like water features, ornaments, and pathways. This cottage-style wooden path is easily constructed from pallets.

5. Painted Flowerpots
Project via Hometalker Lisa @Concord Cottage

You don't need many art supplies for this adorable embellishment -- simply paint your terracotta pot rims, to accent the bright tones of the flowers you plan to house there.

6. Seed Starters
Project via Hometalker Jessica @Mom 4 Real

Dreaming up ways to start those flowers as soon as possible? With this quick seed starting hack, you'll have your plants sprouting up almost as soon as you've purchased the seeds.

7. Butterfly Feeder Jar
Project via Hometalker Carolyn @Homework

While some critters are not invited to your garden, make the ones that are feel welcome, with a DIY butterfly feeder to attract colorful, winged friends.

8. Pallet Gardening Table
Project via Hometalker Jenna @SAS Interiors

Here's an awesome pallet upcycle to create the perfect potting corner near your spring garden. Not only is it outrageously cute, it will be very helpful when it's time to get your hands in the soil.

9. Chalkboard Flower Pot Labels
Project via Hometalker Tara @Suburble

Even before your plants open their blooms, you'll still know exactly what you put where, thanks to these reusable chalkboard labels.

10. Gold Leaf Flower Pots
Project via Hometalker Christine @The Crafty Woman

Nature gets edgy, with these modern terracotta pots decorated with geometric designs in gold leaf. This is the perfect DIY for a small indoor garden to fit your chic interior.

11. Tabletop Succulent Display
Project via Hometalker Tammy @One More Time

Have a dish set you're not using? If not, thrift stores are a great place to pick up unwanted sets that would look absolutely darling filled with a mini garden of succulents and small plants.

12. Flower Tower Flowerpots
Project via Hometalker Kim @The Kim Six Fix

This wonderfully wacky design isn't only creative, it's cheap to make, and an easy way to conserve and share a little water between plants.

13. Paint Stirrer Planter
Project via Hometalker Kim @The Kim Six Fix

All it takes is some reclaimed wood and a handful of paint stirrers, to get this designer planter look for your own yard or garden.

You've been in the cold long enough! It's time to escape the winter to the sunny spring! Get your brain in gear, by checking out our #ThinkSpring page on Hometalk!