13 Strange Squeeze Bottle Foods

2011-01-05-SqueezeFlickrgreenkozi.jpgThose clever food folks in white lab coats are always devising newer, better ways to get products to consumers. Consider one of this year's launches from Heinz, Dip & Squeeze packets which allow you TWO ketchup distribution methods! Whoa there, future boy! Seems like not long ago, being able to buy ketchup in a squeeze bottle was a major supermarket product innovation.

Now, you can get them in fish-shaped packets, and get Guy Fieri's name on them too! Okay, maybe you can't get everything in those kinds of squeeze bottles, but it seems you can get everything in the typical ones: dressing, relish, those extremely helpful little lemon and lime juice squeezies, and of course jam. (Though the folks at Smucker's may want to work on that tagline.) Then there are the squeeze bottle products you may not have known about -- some more appetizing than others.

13 Strange Squeeze Bottle Foods

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