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13 Things Every Stylish Girl Has at Home

Be daring. A vibrant shade in an unexpected spot brings a space to life.
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A simple guide to chic living.

creative shelving
From repurposed crates to rustic ladders, it's all about finding unique ways to display art and titles.

bursts of color
Be daring. A vibrant shade in an unexpected spot brings a space to life.

mixing materials
Hello, textures. Bring diverse elements together and let them live in effortless harmony.

a vanity fair
A charming setting with personal details. Curated elements
that inspire your intimate routine.

natural accents
Welcome in some organic touches (fresh florals and bright greenery) to transform your home.

art that wows
A unique piece that captures the spirit of the space.

an instagram-worthy spot
A finely-styled vignette with eclectic details, treasured jewelry, and colorful trinkets.

vintage treasures
A beautiful space with a delicate balance of the old and the new.

coffee table culture
It's a spot often overlooked. Stack up the essentials: inspired titles, natural details, a bouquet of flowers.

bar cart style
A well-stocked collection of spirits for a night of endless entertaining.

lots of textures
An effortless pairing of cozy throws and plush pillows.

the gallery wall
A refined collection of unique prints for a dynamically enhanced decor.

layers of white
There are many shades of white. Don't be fooled. Whether it's a small shelf or your master bedroom, this is one trend we can't get enough of!

By Anna Kocharian