13 Things You Need to Know About Legal Marijuana on Alaska's Legalization Day


Feb. 24, 2015, is a historic day in the Last Frontier: Alaska becomes the third state in the U.S. in which recreational cannabis use is legalized.

Legalization brings along a dizzying number of questions. What will businesses look like? How will existing criminal statutes change? Will communities opt to ban marijuana sales?

State and local governments are tasked with redefining the parameters of marijuana as it is brought out of the shadows and into well-lit, regulated territory. Much remains to be seen.

But, there is some clarity. Laws outlining personal use provide a solid foundation as the state moves forward. At the link below, we've compiled answers to 13 pressing questions as Alaska enters a new era.

Have lingering questions? You're not alone. Alaska Dispatch News unveiled this month its Highly Informed column that tries to cut through the noise so you don't have to. Ask a question. Check out the answers. Stay tuned for more.