13 Things You Should Never Say To A Menopausal Woman

It's bad enough walking around looking and feeling like you just got out of a spin class -- you know, face flushed, sweat stains on your shirt -- as you go through menopause. It's even worse when you're actually gaining weight, can't get a good night's sleep and are noticing rogue hairs on your chin. 

Yep, for many, menopause sucks. And it takes a champ to make it through. So don't make it any tougher for the women who are living with it every day by making a snide comment. 

We asked our Huff/Post 50 Facebook friends what they absolutely hated (or hate) hearing during menopause. Memorize this list ... and never utter these words again. 

1."How lucky! No more periods!" -- Karen Bruzzone Dilallo

2. "You must hate menopause." -- Chrissie Johnson

3. "Is it hot in here or is it you? -- Ruth Fisher Stoddard 


4. "It's all in your head." -- Constance Mroz

5. "Brrr. Is it chilly in here?" -- Joan Crawford

6. "Is it that hormonal thing that makes you act like this?" -- Jerri Munn

7. "You must be on the rag." -- Joan Sheppard Lio

8. "Why do you have the AC set to Antarctic?" -- Karina Hilton

9. "Calm down." -- Judy Bowman Foster

10. "Nice whiskers." -- Mary Nell Burgeson Stapleton

11. "Does this mean you're not in the mood?" -- Brenda English


12. "Are you having a hot flash?" -- Ellen Shannon

13. "It seems like you're gaining some weight, right?" -- Tweetie Thuy Dao

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