13 Ways You Own Your Inner Slob When You Live Alone

*Puts feet on coffee table*

Nothing says freedom like leaving dirty socks on the floor for weeks on end or eating dinner in front of the TV.

Growing up, most families had rules that forbade us from doing all the fun things -- or should we say, all the lazy/unclean things. Now that we are full-blown adults -- OK, adults may be a strong word, but we're at least living on our own -- we can do whatever our little hearts desire. We don't take our shoes off when we come in the door, we use up all the hot water and just basically turn into monsters.

Now we can:

1. Take super long showers.

2. Eat in your bedroom.

3. Run the dishwasher when it's not 100 percent full.

4. Watch television all. day. long.

5. Put your feet on the coffee table.

6. Let the dog on the bed.

8. Wait an obscenely long time before doing laundry.

9. Make popcorn at all hours of the night, not caring that the entire house smells.

10. Leave the dishes in the sink OVERNIGHT.

11. Use the fridge as air-conditioner.

12. Never take out the garbage until absolutely necessary.

13. Never wear pants. Ever. Never.

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