The Most Ridiculous Calendar Concepts Of All Time (PHOTOS)

Funny cats, shirtless hunks, pin-up girls... When it comes to calendars, these are the usual suspects. Calendars are also meant to display your biggest passion, interest, or hobby, so we're not sure what kind of people are picking up the ones below. Whether your love outhouses, goats in trees, or hot Mormon women holding baked goods, there's truly something for everyone. These are the most ridiculous calendars we've ever seen. Which one is the most "WTF" of them all? Vote and decide for yourself!

WTF Calendars
Outhouses(01 of 12)
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For those who want to start everyday by imagining that indoor plumbing had never been invented. (Via Amazon)
Goats In Trees(02 of 12)
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Back by popular demand? (Via Holy Taco)
Monthly Doos(03 of 12)
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This calendar is the sh*t! (Via Amazon)
Wind Energy!(04 of 12)
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It's so full of excitement it will BLOW YOU AWAY. Ba-dum, ch! (Via Amazon)
Men Of Mortuaries(05 of 12)
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A new hunk every month, guaranteed to have touched a corpse at some point. (Via LA Weekly)
Hot Mormon Muffins(06 of 12)
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We'd rather just have a calendar featuring the muffins. (Via Amazon)
Hot Guys And Baby Animals(07 of 12)
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Wow. It's like the calendar people are making these based on our Google searches. (Via Hot Guys And Baby Animals)
Animals That Will Kill Yo' A$$(08 of 12)
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Now you can start every day like it's your last! (Via Super Punch)
Playing Cowboys And Indians(09 of 12)
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Looks like this guy has more problems than whatever's wrong with this back. (Via Heartless Doll)
The Reading Woman(10 of 12)
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For the person who loves reading. And women. And watching women reading. Yeah... (Via Amazon)
Hot Men And Housework(11 of 12)
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What, it ISN'T every woman's dream to have a shirtless male model do her laundry? (Via Heartless Doll)
Yoga Dogs(12 of 12)
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Yeah, we're pretty sure that's not a thing. (Via Amazon)
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