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14 Beauty Products That Will Make You Look Out Of This World

Go galactic or go home.

Much like “Zenon: Girl Of The 21st Century,” we love any and all things space, alien, or planetary-themed.

Especially when they’re things we can put on our bodies.

Here’s our list of our favorite items that make us look lightyears better than we looked yesterday:

1. This metallic and glitter-infused eyeshadow palette, aptly called Moondust.

2. This eyeshadow set that can also give you an alien-esque pout.

3. A mega-hydrating highlighter made with meteorite powder and twilight pearls.

4. This totally stellar firming face mask.

5. Get NASA-level nail game with these decals.

6. Turn your brows into your own personal Aurora Borealis with this multicolor brow wax kit.

7. Glow like the moon child you are with this illuminating palette.

8. Some celestial temporary tattoos to make you feel like a star.

9. Channel your inner junior astronaut with fun and moldable spicy black pepper and vanilla-scented soap.

Monsters and Aliens Fun. #theydoexist #ufoday #thetruthisoutthere 👽👽🕳

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10. Make your fingertips interstellar with this blue holographic glitter nail polish.

11. Make your eyelids look like Mars with this dope textured palette.

12. Set your face and blur imperfections with the Météorites Voyage powder.

13. Scintillate with this star-studded palette.

14. Go silver without time-traveling with this.

Prepare for liftoff.

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