14 Books To Help Kids Get Ready For The New School Year

Whatever the transition your child is facing, we hope a few of these books might help ease their fears.
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This article was written by Devon Corneal for Brightly.

Do you have a little one making the transition from preschool to kindergarten? Or a child worried about moving from naptime and cookies to the first grade? Or maybe your child is changing schools and isn’t sure she’ll be able to make new friends? Whatever the transition your child is facing, we hope a few of these books might help ease their fears and remind them of all the fun they’ll have in their new classroom. After all, if a stuffed bear, a squash, a frog, and a truck can do it, so can they!

Corduroy Goes to School by Don Freeman and B.G. Hennessy, illustrated by Lisa McCue

Everyone’s favorite stuffed bear is going to school! Little fingers can lift colorful flaps to see what’s hidden around the classroom and get acquainted with the magic of learning in this comforting book for children headed to school for the first time.

Chicken in School by Adam Lehrhaupt, illustrated by Shahar Kober

Zoey the chicken wants to be a teacher, so she invites her farm friends to join her in a new school. Animal imaginations run wild as Zoey introduces her new students to all the fun that learning has to offer.

Froggy Goes to School by Jonathan London, illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz

This was a favorite in our house before our son started kindergarten. Froggy’s chipper attitude and his mother’s wisdom come together in this sensitive story about the anxieties that can surround the first day of school

Charlie knows that his little sister Lola does not want to go to school. But when Charlie reassures her that she can bring her imaginary friend with her, Lola decides she might be willing to try it after all.

Llama Llama Misses Mama by Anna Dewdney

Anyone who has ever had a meltdown at school will appreciate how Llama Llama feels when he starts missing his mama on the first day of school. Thankfully, good friends, a kind teacher, and the knowledge that his mama always comes back will help him get through the day.

The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn, illustrated by Ruth E. Harper and Nancy M. Leak

Sometimes, we need something to make us feel brave when we’re doing something new. Mother Raccoon knows just what that is and her secret will give Chester Raccoon the courage he needs on his first day of school. We used this in our family too, and I promise, it works.

Milk Goes to School by Terry Border

Get ready for puns galore! As one determined and confident milk carton goes to school, she learns important lessons in her classroom, including how to make lots of new friends.

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