14 Chrismukkah Recipes That Bring Twice The Holiday Cheer

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For Bon Appetit, by Alyse Whitney.

When Christmas and Hanukkah fall in the same week, it’s the perfect excuse to pull a Seth Cohen and bring people together for a Chrismukkah celebration. (Hopefully with less house drama than on The O.C.) Use these recipes as a guide to pair classic dishes from each holiday — like latkes topped with roast beef tenderloin and horseradish creme — or to set up a buffet of favorites from each celebration.

Eat it as-is, or stack it high on rye for a classic Jewish deli vibe.

You gotta risk it get the brisket. Buy extra red wine to braise the meat and make mulled wine later.

Instead of Christmas morning cinnamon rolls, make cinnamon-swirled chocolate babkallah — the best of babka and Challah — with icing optional.

Perfectly-rare roast beef was meant to be slid onto crispy latkes.

Pro tip: leftover mashed potatoes can be mixed with shredded potatoes and fried for even more potato pancakes.

Make a double batch of latkes — they go fast at any party, and can be used as a vehicle for any meat or dip of your choosing. But we’re also advocates of simple applesauce and sour cream.

Also known as the mic drop of your cookie swap.

Lox and lox of layers will impress everyone, and once you make homemade bagel chips, there's no turning back.

Grain salads are a classic Hanukkah side dish, and the buttery mushrooms and herbs make it taste a little like stuffing.

Because every party needs melted cheese.

You could cut these into candle shapes and make a cookie menorah...

For even more of a hybrid, top the casserole with schmaltz-fried onions.

A fruit cake you won't be ashamed to serve to your non-grandma-aged friends.

In case you have more wine left, use it to braise short ribs until they're fall-apart-tender.

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