14 Completely Inaccurate Things Parents Believe When Their Kids Graduate College

This post was written by Pixable's Mitchell Friedman.

Parents should really know better. Most of them have been there themselves. But as graduation season is once again upon us, we're reminded that parents can still be living in their own fantasy when it comes to what happens next.

1. My child is now an adult!

2. He or she will move close to home to spend time with us!

3. But my child will not live IN the home

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4. Because my child will take his life seriously

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5. Which means his or her binge drinking days are in the past

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6. And he or she will start good habits, and live like a human being, not like this:

7. Graduation means it's time for my child to start a 'career'

8. Not just any 'job'

9. My child will become a doctor

10. AND a lawyer

11. An internship? Only if it's on Wall St.

12. He or she will marry the one he dated in college and I -- uh, my child, will have the wedding of my dreams

13. They will then immediately give me grandchildren

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14. And my grandkids will graduate from Harvard

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