14 Days Into My Fiverr Experiment And I'm Making A Change

14 Days Into My Fiverr Experiment And I'm Making A Change
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14 days into the experiment of being a seller on Fiverr and its time to change direction. I am going down the path of being a buyer and here’s why...

As a seller, Current Sales $0 World Domination 0%

Why a Buyer on Fiverr? Sometimes the wall, obstacle or roadblock = an opportunity to reinvent, reimagine and happens for a reason. I decided to have something built because just in the last year, Fiverr has facilitated the building of over 1 million brands and enhanced over 5 million websites, 76 percent of sellers are millennials and there are active buyers and sellers in 190 countries. That’s very powerful.

What am I going to have Fiverr build? TBA very soon...

As for Humility....here’s a few stories I think highlight the opportunity and creativity that thrives on Fiverr. These are talented folks, earning a living and owning their path on Fiverr and how whether a Seller or Buyer, you can thrive using Fiverr

1. Joel Young, a freelancer and former minister who paid off $50,000 in debt using Fiverr, while creating a healthy living in rural Ohio. I really like Joel's story because it illustrates how technology can economically connect even remote towns and localities.

2. Charmaine Pocek, a freelancer and career advisor from Houston. Charmaine is the first female millionaire on Fiverr, and her journey started out of need; she wanted to adopt a child and recognized how expensive it was. Ultimately, she was so successful, she left her traditional job and became an entrepreneur.

3. Nick Venturella, a Wisconsin man who started working on Fiverr to pay for his autistic son's therapy. Eventually Nick recognized the potential of Fiverr to be a professional resource for talented autistic individuals.

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