14 Facebook Notifications We'd Actually Want To See

Facebook notifies you when your friends listen to a song, post a photo, mention your name, and take a breath (or so it feels sometimes). Now, the social network is also experimenting with new alerts that tell users how long it's been since they last posted something on Facebook and how many of their friends have recently checked the site -- a "subtle nudge" to get less active users to contribute, notes All Facebook.

For example the prompt, which appears at the top of the page, might read, "520 friends logged in recently," or "Your friends haven't seen a post from you in 2 days," according to Techie Buzz.

That got us thinking: We get a huge (and growing) number of notifications from Facebook concerning all sorts of trivial details about our friends' lives. What if the social network were to notify us about things we actually care about? If we could pick the notifications we saw, what would we want to see?

Forget how many of your friends recently logged on; we'd rather know about who looked at our profile and when our friends untag a really bad picture. Now that is useful information.

Check out the slideshow below to view 14 notifications we wish we had on Facebook. What do you want to add to our list? Let us know if the comments section, tweet them to us at @HuffPostTech, or click the "Add A Slide" button below. [Hat Tip: @Blakeley]

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Facebook Notifications We Actually Want To See