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14 Gifts To Send Your Long-Distance Best Friend

"Alexa, call my BFF."

Even though she lives in a different time zone, she’s still your first call.

Your patriarchy-smashing BFF means the world to you, but it can be hard to show her that when she’s thousands of miles away. Long distance relationships are hard, but you can make it a little easier with a special gift to remind her that you’re not really that far away.

For the Ann to your Leslie, the wine to your cheese, check out our 14 gift ideas for long-distance BFFs below.

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Share a glass of wine
Make your soul sister only a sip away with this stemless wine glass featuring your states.
Friendship bracelets, but make them fashion
Give the friendship bracelet a makeover with this chic bangle cuff braceletthat’s hand stamped with both of your geographic coordinates.
Save up for your next BFF road trip
This glass travel fund allows both of you to set aside some money for your next adventure.
For when you wish you could “hang” out
Hang one of these hand-painted wooden signs in your home and you’ll think of your best friend whenever you look up at it.
Make their morning with this mug
Imagine waking up and enjoying your morning coffee in one of these personalized friendship mugs?
Your friendship is lit… literally
Scents are such familiar memories, light this long distance friendship candlewhenever you’re thinking of them.
For when you want to feel closer to them
Uncommon Goods
This long-distance friendship lamp will glow whenever one of you touches it to remind the other person you’re thinking of them.
Keep them close to your heart
This gold-plated bar necklace is a stylish way to keep your bestie near and dear.
It’s wine time
What’s better than enjoying a good bottle of wine with your best friend? Sign each other up for a Winc wine subscription box so every month you set aside some time sip and chat over video chat!
Help them pick out an important outfit
Sometimes you just need to see your BFF. The Echo Showlet’s you video chat in real time for when you can’t decide which shoes to wear for that important interview.
You guys are so #friendshipgoals it needs to be framed
You might be thousands of miles away but you’re as close as can be, show it off with this long distance friendship frame.
TBT to that time you both got piercings
Rock your best friend’s state with these adorable stud earrings.
Book club, but better
Crate Joy
Sign up for a book subscription so you can read the same novels and set aside some time each month to discuss your favorite details!
A pillow placeholder for your person
Place this long distance friendship pillow on your couch or bed so you can give a squeeze on those days you could use a hug from your best friend.
Can’t wait to see each other
You can literally keep track of the seconds until your next meet up with this countdown clock.