14 New Laws in Illinois You Should Know

14 New Laws in Illinois You Should Know
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There are dozens of new Illinois laws that went into effect recently, so the Illinois Senate Democrats released a slideshow highlighting the top 14 to help citizens stay-up-to-date on these new rules.


1. Do you miss happy hour?
  • It's back. Restaurants can offer specials on food, pitchers, buckets and bottles.

2. Lax vaccine laws left many children at risk

  • A new law is making it more difficult for parents to send their kids to school unvaccinated.

3. The end of snow days?

  • An e-learning pilot program is letting some kids complete their studies at home.

4. Veterans' discounts

  • A new state program will make it easier for local businesses to offer deals to veterans.

5. 3D mammograms

  • 3D mammograms can catch breast cancer other screenings miss. Now your insurer has to cover them.

6. New benefit for returning soldiers

  • You get 1 year from when you return to pay for vehicle registration or renewal.

7. Worried about your daughter's safety at college?

  • New policies are in place to protect college students from sexual assault. Universities must have clear plans for helping victims.

See the other seven laws that recently went into effect at Reboot Illinois.

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