14 Parents Who Took The Internet By Storm In 2014

14 Parents Who Took The Internet By Storm In 2014

From music videos and dance parties to strongly-worded letters and stunning photography series, parents have certainly made their marks on the Internet recently. This past year has seen an impressive display of such innovative parents, and we've looked back on our coverage to remind you of some of your favorites.

So, without further ado, here are 14 parents who took viral mania to memorable heights in 2014.

The mom who makes amazing paper dresses with her daughter
Professional photographer and active Instagrammer Angie rose to viral fame back in February with the incredible paper dresses she created with her then-4-year-old daughter Mayhem.
The dad who turns videos of his toddler into insanely cool action movies
Dreamworks animator Daniel Hashimoto caught our attention in March for the special-effects-enhanced home videos he makes of his toddler son James, aka "Action Movie Kid."
The dad who gave (mostly) honest answers on his toddler daughter's daycare questionnaire
Back in January, one hilarious dad responded to his 11-month-old daughter's daycare questionnaire with some pretty brilliant answers, and the Internet collectively burst out laughing.
The mom who came up with a brilliant system for grounding her kids
Mom blogger Lynette posted a photo of a chore chart with a point system -- her kids must earn 500 points to get "ungrounded."
The dad who performed a spot-on lip dub to Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" with his daughter
Dad Jesse Lozano, otherwise known as San Diego's Star 94.1 personality "Boy Toy Jesse," lip-synced to "Fancy" with his daughter during a car ride. Needless to say, it was the realest.
The parents who perfected their "Frozen" lip-sync to "Love Is An Open Door"
In the midst of this year's "Frozen"-mania, two parents wowed the Internet with their lip-sync video to "Love Is An Open Door."
The mom-to-be who announced her pregnancy with a little help from Will Smith
Will Smith helped one expectant mom decided share her exciting news in a big, yet straightforward way. When her friend shared the announcement photo on Reddit, the Internet peanut gallery agreed that it was pretty fresh.
The dad who nailed a choreographed dance to Ariana Grande's "Problem" with his daughter
Landon Johnson and his talented 7-year-old daughter "Lil' London" showed off their dance routine to Ariana Grande's "Problem" and warmed hearts across the interweb.
The celebrity dad who posed for a most adorable photo with his baby daughter
In June, Jimmy Fallon and his then-10-month-old daughter Winnie wore matching suits for their hilariously adorable and adorably hilarious People cover.
The dad who made some important alterations to his daughter's Ray Rice jersey
After NFL running back Ray Rice made headlines for his shocking domestic abuse case, one Ravens fan made some meaningful alterations to his daughter's Rice jersey.
The mom who dressed her daughter up in a different Halloween costume every day of October
Photographer Gina Lee posted photos of her daughter Willow's adorable daily costumes on her Instagram account all month long.
The mom who wrote a spot-on letter to Lands' End after the brand suggested only boys could wear science shirts
When mom Lisa Ryder noticed that Lands' End offered lots of interesting science-themed shirts for boys but no equivalent options for girls, she posted a letter to the company's Facebook page to point out this discrepancy. The letter received overwhelming support from other parents who agreed with Ryder, prompting Lands' End to create new science shirts for girls.
The dad who turns his kids' lunches into edible masterpieces
Beau Coffron cemented his title as "Lunchbox Dad" with the elaborate art he created for his daughter's lunch.
The dad who took maternity photos in his wife's place
When one Reddit user's pregnant wife didn't want to take maternity photos, he decided to do the honors instead.

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