14 Photos That Prove Beauty Has No Definition

We asked, and you answered.

What makes you feel beautiful? A new haircut? A hot shower? A kiss from a loved one? An act of creativity, generosity or bravery? There is no right answer. In the words of Emily Dickinson: "Beauty -- be not caused -- It is."

Anyone who has ever been unwittingly tagged in a photo understands the feeling of instantly evaluating how you look, and sometimes cringing at the result. But beauty, as we've all heard many a time but maybe not quite internalized, is not about shiny hair and smooth skin.

This week we asked photographers worldwide, with the help of EyeEm, to send us their most beautiful photos, ones that may not adhere to the standard conventions of beauty. Beauty isn't skin deep, sure. But skin sure is beautiful, with its many particularities and imperfections. Even when only dwelling on the surface, there is so much to find beautiful in the human face, so much of which never makes it to a fashion editorial or traditional portrait.

Behold, 12 photos that prove beauty has no definition. 

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