14 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Becoming More Confident Nobody Told You Before

Most of the successful people secure their achievements only because they believe in themselves. Sometimes even with all the requisite preparations and hours of practice, when it comes to the time of performance, we fumble. This only happens due to lack of self-confidence. Self-confidence is an ample part of everybody’s life. Sadly many people fail to identify their own comfort zones and are deprived of their fortitude.

Every now and then we expect some person to inspire us and teach us that every time we face fears, we gain mental courage and self confidence. Authors like Tyler Simmonds are a few who can unleash one's true potential through motivational speeches mark their places at times.

The path to be self-reliant is not a simple one. But fortunately, there are simple ways that help you in gaining/ regaining your confidence.

Be positive

The most basic medicine to kill the hesitation inside you is to stay positive. Having a positive attitude will carry you to glory. Tyler Simmonds urges people to ‘feel the fear’. When you are feeling uncertain about something, talk to someone about it. If you are afraid of something, bring out the fear and conquer it instead of giving in for cowardice.

Keep yourself inspired

The feeling of distress and hopelessness arises from a lack of inspiration. So keep yourself motivated all the time. Tyler suggests that dreaming big, feeling great and being yourself leads to unlocking your true power. When you feel like your life is falling apart, look up to someone you really trust or just go down the memory lane to find your true self.

Trust yourself and your instincts

The main agenda of Tyler Simmonds is that confidence in an individual can be built only if he/ she truly believes in himself/ herself. Many times even when their skill/ talent are at a very high level, people doubt their own abilities. They keep asking themselves ‘Is this possible for me?’ Tyler tells that no matter how hopeless your condition is, you need to know that you are good enough. The only thing is that you might have fallen off track, but you need to get yourself back up because the pain is just temporary if you have the will power to stand up to your hardships.

Stay focused

In order to gain confidence and become successful, keeping your focus level in the optimum state is more than just essential. It is acceptable to divert your mind towards leisurely pleasures once in a while. But if the interruptions themselves become a habit, you lose the very purpose of your life. You need to evaluate yourself that ‘Do these distractions bring any value to my life?’

Think with a clear mind

When problems arise, people often lose their cool and create bigger problems and end up in a state of depression. Simmonds says that clouding your mind with anger and anxiety deprives ‘the best you’ to judge the situation. So it is very necessary to stay calm and believe that everything happens for a reason and everything that happens, happens for good.

• Dress positively, speak assertively

The way you dress and the accent in which you speak reflects very much on your character. Dress yourself with decent clothes that suit you. Your appearance is the basis on which you are judged upon. The way you speak creates impression of who you are. Let your voice be booming with loads of confidence.

• Keep away depression and anxiety

There is a false notion among people, that depression is something that can be cured only by medication. But Tyler does not agree with this. He says inner satisfaction, self-love, yoga and meditation are the perfect natural remedies to overcome depression and anxiety. Spend time with yourself, talk to people, laugh, look happy, and be happy.

• Perfection is a myth!

Tyler Simmonds advocates that committing a mistake is not the end of the world. When a fault occurs, you can either keep blaming yourself for that or you can think with a cool, calm mind and come up with a solution that solves the problem. The concept of perfection is just a concept and cannot be real. You need to accept that being imperfect is not a crime!

• Accept the world as it is

The world, in many ways, is very different from what we have in our imaginations. There are some aspects of it which cannot be changed. You will just end up in disappointment if think you can carry the world on your shoulders. Learn to adopt in the world the way it exists.

Tyler Simmonds has a fivefold approach to bring up one’s self-confidence. He calls it the ‘five keys to gain confidence

• Get rid of negative people

People who degrade you, who keep saying you are not good enough, rob your confidence levels. So, to gain a confidence you need to lose these people from your life and surround yourself with positive, progressive people.

• Make others feel good

Complement people and thank them genuinely for their help. This not only brings up a smile on their face but also increases your desirability.

• Be healthy

Stay fit. Physical fitness plays a major role in keeping one’s confidence high. Eat healthy food. Practice yoga and meditation. Indulge yourself in physical activities such as sports and exercise.

• Learn new things

It’s said that you can never know too much. Every person that comes in your life teaches you something. From the day of your first cry till the day you breathe your last, you keep learning. Show enthusiasm and excitement towards learning new things and meeting new people.

• Practice self-love

You are the best judge of yourself. Nobody knows your life the way you know it. So, love yourself. If you can’t love yourself, how will you expect someone else to like you?

When the world feels indifferent to you, you just need to believe in yourself. Self-respect and self-confidence are among those things that cannot be stolen by anyone. Building one’s confidence may take years together. But once you have faith in yourself, your true potential will be unlocked and you will become literally unstoppable.

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