14 Valentine's Day Nuggets From 14 Inspiring Women (in 140 Characters or Less)

Sometimes, things can go south when women get together -- especially around Valentine's Day... ESPECIALLY if they're single. :)

Other times, things look forward and go up.

Below are 14 simple truths I've chatted about recently with my friends and mentors, that are particularly refreshing to me this time of year.

Of course, most of these insights were offered irrespective of love. That being said, it strikes me how omni-applicable each tweetable nuggets is to Valentine's Day. I hope their 140 characters are as meaningful to you as they have been to me.

  1. "Prioritize your health, those you love, what you love + les musts. Review + edit regularly. Delegate what you can. Take time to recharge. Look forward to something." -- Ellice Papp, UBS
  2. "When you love the people you work with, friendship and work become synonymous." -- Sarah Manning, ServiceNow
  3. "Per Gloria Steinem, I have yet to hear a man ask for advice on how to combine marriage and a career." -- Alyssa Rapp, Bottlenotes
  4. "Make micro-optimizations, like filling your closet (or packing for a trip) with mostly one color. Spend more time with family + friends." -- Jess Lee, Polyvore
  5. "Sometimes, saying no to someone is like saying yes to yourself." -- Peg Samuel, Social Diva Media
  6. "Workout, sleep, eat right. Simple, not easy. Delegate non-essentials. Saying yes means saying no to something. Save your 'yes's.'" -- Rosanna Leroe-Muñoz, Alpha Omega Financial Systems
  7. "Jettison the trivial to save the sanity of your soul: Choose what nourishes, fills, adds. Know what you can influence. Dismiss the rest." -- Tracy Scandlyn, California Ear Institute
  8. "If something rubs you wrong, rub it off." -- Haley Roberson, Wise member of The Roberson Sisterhood
  9. "Be a woman first and a professional second. Close what's closest to cash every day. If some things don't get done, they're not that important." -- Joanne Black, No More Cold Calling
  10. "Learn how to say no without limiting your career." -- Joan Sherlock, SAP
  11. "Embrace the concept of a shitty first draft." -- Molly Blake, Freelance Writer
  12. "This is life." -- Jennifer Garcia, Google
  13. "Planning is essential. Select the right help. Communicate. Pre-schedule. Get everyone to contribute. Have rituals to stay connected and calm." -- Kim Soth, Skyword
  14. "Sometimes, you just need to have a dinner party." -- Ennie Lim, Obébe

And to this list I add a bonus of my own:

Change is the interest we accrue in life, and what is in our best interest is often change.

Happy Valentine's Day!