14 Ways Fall Makes Us Feel Like Falling In Love

Woman jumping in the countryside at sunset with autumn leaves in the air.
Woman jumping in the countryside at sunset with autumn leaves in the air.

What is it about the fall that makes us all feel like falling in love? Maybe it's simply because there is so much for us to fall for, and we notice a little bit more when the leaves start to change.

Now that we've waved goodbye to Labor Day, we can look forward to greeting our basic pumpkin spice collection and offering love to our lonely sweaters in the back of our closets.

We're nearing the weather forecasts that call for our beloved boots to hug our feet and snuggling into our scarves that still smell a bit of the last winter.

This reminds us how much has changed since the last time we opened our windows to be met with a crisp chill on our cheek, and maybe this makes the view from the window that much better to us now.

Somewhere between the thicker threads and longer fabrics we find a rekindled joy. We fall in love with the season with our first sip of hot cocoa; as it hits your tongue, warm and quick, you can't help but smile.

Soon, the fall fills us with an inner-warmth that couldn't be matched by the summer's sun. So what is it really about the fall that makes us feel like falling in love?

  • It's the bonfires that leave the scent of laughter in your hair for days.

  • It's the cinnamon spices that linger in the air and leave a trail that forever smells like home.
  • It's the happiness that seems to loiter just a little bit longer in the wind when the temperature fades.
  • It's because the chill makes us hold onto someone a tad bit closer, and treat ourselves just a little nicer.
  • It brings the memories of holiday's past with the subtle reminder that new memories are coming soon (and so is N*SYNC's Home For The Holidays soundtrack).
  • It's the chilly porch evenings and the balcony nights that are filled with laughter, red wine, and friendship.
  • It's the colors we've missed all year round that make the whole world look like a postcard -- warm and full of new beginnings.
  • It's the crisp motivation to start what you've been promising yourself all year long; whether it was opening the business you've been dreaming of or booking that plane ticket to some far away place.
  • It's the cheer that lives inside the cold front when we finally have an excuse to wear those tights and booties we love so much.
  • It's laughing about how chilly your walk is, savoring the warmth once indoors, and talking for hours about how much you all love the weather.
  • It's the people that bring a Christmas wonderland into their homes a few months early with sparkling lights and balsam-scented candles.
  • It's the food we start to get excited for... from the turkey to the Christmas cookies. It's the pumpkin spice (everything) and autumn delicacies.
  • It's the forecast that gives us an excuse to stay indoors and "Netflix and Chill" with lovers and friends, or watch Lifetime movies with your family.
  • It's falling in love with the layers you wear and the ones you've shed since the last fall when you let go of your inhibitions.

  • I, for one, find myself smiling more when the leaves start to change, because I realize how much has changed me.

    Everything around me seems to glow. It's as if summer's drunken haze started to lift and now we're left with fireplace glimmers and our fuzzy socks.

    I'm not entirely certain what it is about the fall that makes you feel like falling in love. You know the year is slowly coming toward an end and you admire how far you've come. You start to look forward to the dreams you still have yet to steal from the season before winter comes.

    It's so easy to fall in love with autumn. You play with the beautiful mess of foliage, and snap a great Instagram picture while fake laughing between the leaves. Chances are though - that laugh turned into a real one.

    So as fall slowly starts to creep into our hearts... squeeze onto your loved ones as if summer is never coming back, dance in the glittered streets, and savor the pumpkin spiced lattes no matter how basic they are.

    Smile as the world starts to fall into place around you. This is the bliss that autumn brings you. Let's all fall in love with life this season.