14 Ways to Make the Most of a Small Space

Living in an itsy-bitsy space? Utilize every inch with these these style-savvy tips.
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Transform a tiny corner with these smart decorating ideas.

photography by BAHAR YURUKOGLU

Living in an itsy-bitsy space? Utilize every inch with these these style-savvy tips.

photography by PAUL COSTELLO

Focus on highlighting key elements of your space. Long, billowy drapes enhance the size of the windows. Graphic pattern on the floor grabs the eye. While this space might be cramped, it's also extremely interesting

photography by LESLEY A. UNRUH

Work prints wisely. A charming print used from floor to ceiling draws eyes to greater heights, creating an elongated illusion.

photography by LESLEY A. UNRUH

Conquer closet clutter. Even the closet can use a pop of pattern. Stack storage containers to keep the space looking neat and orderly. A lined ceiling creates a stylish, heightened touch.

photography by SIMON UPTON

Create zones. A studio is for more than just sleeping. Divide up a one-room apartment by setting up a table and chairs. It's good to have spots for sitting (that's not on your bed) when friends drop by.

photography by ANNA WOLF

Conceal bathroom clutter. Maintain a sophisticated bathroom appeal by adding a skirt to a pedestal sink for hidden storage space. Classic decanters create a clean way to keep your products tidy and easily accessible.

photography by JUSTIN BERNHAUT

Organize out in the open. If you're short on cabinet space, there's still storage hope for your collection of dishware and glasses. Floating shelves add extra room and will let you display the pieces you love with personality.

photography by JOSHUA W. MCHUGH

Think out-of-the-box. Often times our space isn't quite ready to grow with our clothing and shoe collection. Accessorize with a simple floor to ceiling closet shelving system. Hang a curtain to create a walk-in closet-effect for your belongings. Dreamy? We know.

photography by DAVID GILBERT

Pick a focal point. A dramatic statement piece can be the focus of a space, big or small. Here, a modern fixture hangs over a tiny dining space and gives it a brand new look.

photography by JUSTIN BERNHAUT

Create extra seating. Adding a window seat creates a casual vibe to a formal setup. Plus, it allows for even more friends to gather around the dinner table.

photography by BAHAR YURUKOGLU

Decorate the walls with things you love. Even if you only have one bare wall, design it with pieces that you love. You might be shocked by how well a hodgepodge of pieces -- your child's preschool painting, a favorite album cover, a piece of art you've inherited from your grandmother -- can look together.

photography by BAHAR YURUKOGLU

It's okay to hold onto the things you love. Stack books in contrasting directions with colors in mind. It'll turn a modular bookshelf into a serious conversation starter.

photography by BAHAR YURUKOGLU

Sleek lines elongate a small space. Transform a shelf with an added dash of color and a few pieces of nature.

photography by GEMMA COMAS

Make storage a part of the room's charming character. Coordinating trinket bowls and plates make putting your jewelry to rest a work of art. Home is where you hang your necklace, right?

photography by JUSTIN BERNHAUT

Transform your space with shelving. Bring your living room to the next level by using sequential shelves that will make your walls seem sky high. Tall-stemmed lamps are also a great addition for making a small room look larger.

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