This 14-Year-Old Wrote And Directed A Horror Film, And Now She Has A Trailer To Prove It

Fourteen-year-old Emily DiPrimo loves horror films so muchthat she decided to make one of her own.

Emily's film, "Carver," centers around a group of seemingly normal small-town teenagers who are haunted by a dark past. The trailer, shown above, depicts the teens gearing up for their big high school football game, while foreboding music and a creepy masked figure promise plenty of gloom and doom.

Last year, then 13-year-old Emily decided to make the "1980s-style slasher film," so she took to Kickstarter to crowdsource funding for the project. She raised nearly $32,000 to make her vision a reality. Since then, she's been hard at work with her dad, Ron, who cowrote and co-directed the film.

Her hard work seems to be paying off: Emily updated to her blog to inform fans that she and her dad had finished shooting the film, and were currently working their way through the lengthy process of editing the footage.

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