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15 Beauty Brands You Might Be Mispronouncing

Walk into Sephora or Ulta and at least half of the brands are from other countries. Even though we love chic Parisian perfumes and advanced Asian serums as much as the next gal, we also feel the fear of God when it comes to actually asking the employees for them. Here, 15 beauty brands that are commonly mispronounced.


The wrong way: Oh-ree-bay

The right way: Or-bay

What half of Hollywood uses on their hair.


The wrong way: Kera-stace

The right way: Care-a-stoss

What the other half uses.


The wrong way: Phy-toe

The right way: Fee-toe

Rhymes with neato.


The wrong way: Gloss-i-er

The right way: Gloss-i-yay

As in, “Yay, my back-ordered lip balm is finally here!”


The wrong way: Lan-comb

The right way: Lahn-comb

Pass the eye cream, dahhling.


The wrong way: Give-en-chee

The right way: Gee-von-shee

Designer lipstick > designer bags (or so we tell ourselves).


The wrong way: Chan-te-kale

The right way: Sean-tuh-kye

We’d applaud anyone who got that on their first try.


The wrong way: Loc-say-tane

The right way: Lox-ee-tan

French is hard, oui?


The wrong way: Goor-lane

The right way: Gare-lahn

You’ll feel more sophisticated just saying that.


The wrong way: Caw-daly

The right way: Ko-da-lee

One of the original purveyors of fancy face mists.


The wrong way: Shih-say-doe

The right way: She-say-doe

Or say it really fast so no one notices the difference.

Shu Uemura

The wrong way: Shoe-yoor-ma

The right way: Shoe-ooh-ay-moo-ra

Arigato, Mr. Uemura, for your bomb lash curler.


The wrong way: Still-ah

The right way: Steel-ah

Stealin’ our hearts with those liquid lipsticks.


The wrong way: See-uh-tay

The right way: See-ahh-tay

Emphasis on the ahh.


The wrong way: Coors

The right way: Coh-rezz

So as not to be confused with the boozy beverage.


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