14 Surprising Confessions From 'The Other Man'

"I'm the 'other guy' but I want to be her only guy."

Many people have been touched by infidelity in some capacity, whether they were the cheater, the betrayed partner, or the other man or woman in someone’s relationship.

We often hear about the other woman ― but what about the other man? Below, 14 men on the the secret-sharing app Whisper reveal how they feel about being the affair partner.

It's an odd feeling knowing I'm the other guy and that I'm the one ruining her marriage...
It sucks to be the other man all the time. When her husband is at home, I'm out of the picture. It hurts.
I don't regret being the 'other' man, I regret falling in love with her knowing I can't keep her
I'm the other man in a relationship and it's tearing me apart. But I care so much for this beautiful and special woman.
I don't care that I'm the other guy, I have two jobs and don't need another commitment. Having something other than work is nice.
I'm the other guy and it sucks because I really hate sharing her...
I love being the side guy for married women. No drama, hot sex, and personal space when we want it
She has a boyfriend. And I'm just her side guy, it kills me every time she walks away with him.
I'm the other man in a relationship. I love her but know she will never choose me. I'm thinking about getting in to another relationship that could go somewhere. but I don't have the balls to hurt her
I'm "the other guy" and I'm tired of it. I wanna be someone's only one, not their back up.
I've turned into the one thing I hate the most, I'm the other guy...
I'm ”the other guy” but I want to be her only guy.
I used to be proud of being the other man. Now it's flipped and I don't want her with anyone else.
I ended someone's relationship by being the other man. I know I could never trust the woman I was with, I know she would cheat on me too, but part of me still wanted to be her guy.
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