15 Delicious 1-Hour Recipes That'll Help You Unplug Every Day

If these won't inspire you to put down your smartphone, nothing will.
08/04/2015 07:01am ET | Updated August 4, 2015

We live in a screen culture. There are TV screens in bars, waiting rooms, gas stations and even taxi cabs. Computers are in virtually every home and office. And then there's the little screen many of us carry around in our pockets or purses, never to leave home without. Bloomberg reports that people with access to smartphones or tablets spend an average of 2 hours and 57 minutes on them every single day. Startling, right?

If this fact-- on top of the possibility that they might be terrible for our health -- has scared you enough to put down the screen, we have a solution for you. We're not talking about giving up your devices cold turkey. In our society, that's nearly impossible. But we're up for putting them down for an hour each day to take the time to cook ourselves and our loved ones something delicious.

We've found 15 recipes that should inspire you to take the unplugging plunge. Each of them takes just 60 minutes, a reasonable amount of time to go screen-free. You've got this.

Mrs. Mooney's Gumbo
Half Baked Harvest
Mongolian Beef
The Woks Of Life
Pan-Seared Fish With New Potatoes And Pea Sauce
Feasting at Home
Pad Thai Spring Rolls
Minimalist Baker
Skillet Grilled Seafood and Chorizo Paella
Half Baked Harvest
Thai Chicken Street Noodles
How Sweet It Is
Orange Chicken
The Woks Of Life
Italian Turkey And Tomato Basil Eggplant Roll Pasta Bake
Half Baked Harvest
Pork Chive Dumplings
The Woks Of Life
Spatchcock Braise-Roasted Chicken
Slim Palate
Lobster Bisque Pot Pies
How Sweet It Is
Nutella S'mores Puff Pastry Pop Tarts
How Sweet It Is
Honey Butter Stone Fruit And Blackberry Meringue Tart
Half Baked Harvest
Mini Lavender Pavlovas With Summer Berries
Cafe Johnsonia
Baba Ganoush
Slim Palate

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