15 Drunk People Turned Into Art By Their Friends (PHOTOS)

Cutting loose and getting a little tipsy is one thing, but getting obliterated and passing out is another thing altogether -- and can lead to embarrassing results. These photos show that other side of the spectrum. Although the drunk people in these pictures were probably not too proud of their behavior, we have to hand it to their friends. Not only did they tend to their wasted companion, but they also turned them into true works of art.

From a young man whose hair is adorned with toothpicks to another man with intricate face paint, check out 15 drunk people who have been transformed into artistic masterpieces. And tell us which work of art you like the best in the comments.

And, obviously, this is the least of the reasons to not abuse alcohol. Keep the temple clean, kids.

15 Drunk People Turned Into Works Of Art