15 Father's Day Tech Gifts to Dazzle Dad

15 Father's Day Tech Gifts to Dazzle Dad
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Now that June has hit, thoughts of summer and longer days bring giddiness to kids and parents alike. Dads, in particular, get a much-deserved nod on June 18th when Father’s Day kicks off summer and honors dads for everything they do.

Father’s Day gifts used to be all about ties and tools, but tech has made its way onto the wishlists of many a dad out there. While dads will always treasure those precious cemented hand print gifts from the kids, also consider giving the gift of tech to show dad how much he’s appreciated. Here are 15 ideas:

You can never go wrong with the gift of smoked meats, but this cool gadget adds a delicious smokey flavor to much more than just a slab of beef. Cheese, sauces, even cocktails are just some of the things dad can experiment with when he gets this gun in his hands. He may never want to leave the kitchen. ($99.95)

Kuvée is a wine service that not only helps you enjoy wine longer, but also delivers it right to your door. All bottles offered by Kuvée feature “FreshPour” design with an oxygen barrier to keep it good for much longer than a few days. And the high-tech dispenser not only opens the FreshPour valve, but also features a touchscreen that provides you with wine details, and the ability to order it directly. With wines from Francis Ford Coppola, Kenwood, Cosentino and many more, any wine-drinker dad would love this. (Options range from a risk-free membership plan to buying wines as you go, starting at $99.)

The athletic dad will appreciate mixing up his routine with Core Flytes, cool stability trainers that add an extra challenge and fun factor to any workout. Using its Ball Transfer Technology, Core Flytes smoothly glide over any surface and bring fitness to a different level. ($99.95)

A new laptop charger may not necessarily be the top wishlist item for every dad, but he’ll definitely appreciate one that’s 4x lighter and smaller, compatible with almost every laptop on the market. Not having to lug his big power cord around will make his life easier and will be very much appreciated on a daily basis. ($79.99)

For the dads who still reminisce about the days of yore, the Qwerkywriter is an incredible way to give him that tactile typing sensation back. Looking like a retro typewriter (and feeling like one, too), the Qwerkywriter connects via Bluetooth to lots of different devices and will make dads feel like they’ve gone back to the good ‘ol days. ($279)

If you’re looking to go the audio route, these Jaybird X3s are a great choice. They come with an 8-hour battery life and are sweat-proof so dad can use them at the gym, on a run or even out on the slopes. The sound quality can’t be beat and the snug fit ensures all-day music enjoyment. ($129.99)

Stressed out dads could really benefit from a few minutes everyday with Muse, a gadget that guides users through meditation and relaxation exercises. This headband measures brain activity and adjusts the meditation exercises based on each user. Newbies and experts alike can benefit from Muse for less stress and more focus. ($249.99)

Dads will be heroes when they whip out the ZenBeam E1 and make a family movie night using the living room wall. This projector is small enough to fit in your hand, yet powerful enough to project up to 120”. It connects to any smartphone or PC and streams kids’ favorites from your Netflix, Apple TV, Roku and more. ($269)

Any frequent flyer knows how stressful constant traveling can be. Having a solid, easily maneuverable and very smart suitcase can ease a lot of the burdens of travel. The Raden A22 is a good-looking suitcase that not only shows off its sleekness at the terminal, but also boasts several high-tech features like built-in location tracking, a USB charger and a handle that weighs the suitcase. ($295)

Dad will proudly display his children on this beautiful 9.7” digital frame. Photos are easily uploaded with the Aura complementary app (you can pick which to display or let it choose for you). It even uses gesture control technology to allow users to change photos simply by waving their hand in front of the frame. The high resolution display and sophisticated design makes it a perfect addition to any room. ($399)

This stylish tracker monitors activity, sleep, heart rate and even displays smartphone notifications directly on the watch face. Speaking of the face, it’s nice to have a tracker that actually looks like high-end watch (with hands and everything!), yet serves so many purposes. It boasts a 25-day battery life which eases the hassle of daily charging. It’s water-resistant too, so dad never has to take it off. ($179)

For the mega dad who needs mega sound, this speaker does the trick. The UE MEGABOOM, as the name indicates, is sizable 8.9” Bluetooth speaker that emits 360-degree booming sound, thanks to its canister design. It’s surprisingly portable, despite its size and comes with a 20-hour battery life. Not to mention, it’s totally waterproof, so the party can go anywhere dad wants to. ($299.99)

OtterBox has become synonymous with mobile device durability and protection, and its new Venture Coolers product line offers the most durable and long-lasting way to keep your food and drinks cold (it can hold ice for up to 14 days!). Features include a side table, cup holders, cutting board and other amenities, it’s even ‘certified bear resistant,’ to keep all its contents completely safe. (25 qt., $249; larger sizes available)

For a total splurge-worthy gift, consider giving dad the gift of health and adventure with this electric bike. Charge up the 500W motor and it’ll hit up to 20 mph and last for 35-40 miles. There’s an illuminated LCD display that tracks distance and other bike vitals. The bike can sense how much effort its rider is putting in and adjust to offer more assistance or less, so bikers of all levels can enjoy the Adventure. ($1,499)

For the dad who is harder to shop for, GiftNow lets you make a purchase from retailers like Saks, Coach, Neiman Marcus and Macy’s, and then have the gift notification sent via email. Dad can accept the gift you chose (with the option to change color or size) or exchange it for something else he prefers. The list of retailers where GiftNow is available is small (and growing), but the inventory to choose from is vast, ensuring dad will get something he loves. ($ to $$$$)

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