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11 Gifts For People Who Live In Itty-Bitty Apartments

Never met a stackable mug we didn't love.

Living in a tiny apartment or home is a lot like living on a ship – every square inch matters.

So when you buy a gift for someone who lives in tight quarters, you’ve got to think twice. That cappuccino maker is extremely generous, but will probably take up precious counter space and is therefore likely not the best gift.

But fear not, there are gifts that will absolutely delight someone who lives in a little home. In fact, they’ll probably cherish these beyond belief, because you considered their living arrangement throughout the shopping process. And thoughtfulness is exactly what makes a gift a slam dunk.

Check out all of these stylish and practical gifts below.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up
Address the issue straight on with tips to declutter and organize your space. Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, $10.62, from Barnes and Noble
Fire Escape Shelf
City dwellers will get a kick out of this decorative shelf and its familiar fire escape design. Fire Escape Shelf, $99, from Uncommon Goods
Travel French Press Coffee Maker & Mug
A very clever gift: make and drink coffee out of the same device. Bodum 15 oz. Travel French Press Coffee Maker & Mug, $19.99, from Brookstone
Succulent Living Wall Planter Kit
Plants are always a welcome addition and succulents are famously difficult to kill. This planter does not take up precious floor or counter space.

Succulent Living Wall Planter Kit
, $110, from Uncommon Goods
Kotobuki Geisha Doll Bento Set
How adorable are these space-saving bowls? Your friend will appreciate your thoughtfulness every time he or she eats.

Kotobuki Geisha Doll Bento Set
, $12.90, from Amazon
Smartphone Pocket Projector
This incredibly compact projector will allow your friend to host movie night with ease.

Smartphone Pocket Projector
, $270, from Hammacher Schlemmer
Bodum Chambord Copper French Press
We love this French press for two reasons: It is easy on the eyes and it takes up significantly less space than a bulky drip machine.

Bodum Chambord Copper 34 Oz French Press
, $50, from Crate and Barrel
Turkish Bath Towels
People with small apartments might have a bathroom with little to no ventilation. Turkish towels dry more quickly than standard towels, so this is a helpful gift.

Turkish Bath Towel
, $24.50, from Etsy
Magnetic Spice Rack
A smart, long lasting gift. You'll save someone space in his or her pantry with cool, geometric jars that stick to the refrigerator.
Spice Rack For Refrigerator Wall
, $170, from Etsy
Nambé Bulbo Stackable Mugs
These smart mugs stack up to save space but look like works of art when they're set on a table.

Nambé Bulbo Stackable Mugs
, $60, from Bloomingdales
Tivoli Retro Radio
Simple and functional, a good-looking compact radio makes a statement and serves a purpose.

Tivoli Model One Radio
, $150, from Tivoli Audio
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